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CtrlS Invests $482 Million to Develop Hyper-Scale Data Center Park in Chennai

Last Updated on 27th February 2024

CtrlS data centers will invest USD 482 million (INR 4000 crore) in phases to develop a hyper-scale data center park in Chennai, situated in the Ambattur industrial area. The hyperscale data center park will have two data center buildings, covering an area of almost 1 million square feet with an IT load capacity of 72 MW. Furthermore, the campus will generate over 10,000 job opportunities and feature advanced cooling systems designed to support its operations.


CtrlS to Invest $482 Million to Develop Hyper-Scale Data Center Park in Chennai

underconstruction data center campus, chennai


The first data center building will open for business in the second quarter of 2024, and the second building will follow in the second half of the same year. Sridhar Pinnapureddy, founder & CEO of CtrlS Datacenters, emphasized the strategic significance of Chennai, citing its status as the second-largest data center market in India. He highlighted the city's numerous subsea cable landing stations and the increasing presence of enterprises and cloud service providers in the region.


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Pinnapureddy stated, "Chennai is the second largest data center market in India and holds strategic significance because of the presence of many subsea cable landing stations, coupled with the growing presence of enterprises and cloud service providers in the region."


This investment represents a significant milestone for CtrlS in consolidating its position as a leading data center service provider in India. With a proven track record in developing and operating large-scale data centers across the country, CtrlS is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand in this sector. The investment signals confidence in Chennai's potential as a hub for data center infrastructure and reflects CtrlS's commitment to meeting the evolving needs of businesses and cloud services in India.


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Objectives of the Project

Expanding CtrlS's market presence: This significant investment signifies CtrlS's ambition to solidify its position as a leading data center service provider in India. The Chennai park will add to their existing portfolio and cater to a wider customer base.


Contributing to the development of Chennai's digital infrastructure: The project has the potential to improve Chennai's data transmission capabilities and internet connectivity, benefiting businesses and individuals in the region. This aligns with the government's initiatives to promote digital infrastructure development.


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About CtrlS Data Centers

CtrlS Datacenters, headquartered in Hyderabad, India, is a prominent player in the data center service provider (DCSP) space, holding the distinction of being Asia's largest Rated 4 data center and managed service provider. 


They boast an impressive track record, serving over 3,500 Indian and international organizations, including 15 Fortune 100 companies and 25 ET 100 Indian firms.  The company has around 12 data centers across seven Indian cities. To learn more about the company's data center projects, explore our Indian data center projects database.


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