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Syndicated research reports are standard reports published to cater larger audience and are optimized for preliminary or exploratory research.

On the other hand, custom research offers the flexibility to define research scope and methodology as per your requirements, being vital to deep dive and research niche areas to address your unique market intelligence needs critical for meeting your short-term and long-term goals.

Blackridge provides a wide range of Custom Research and Market Analysis services. We will listen to your goals and objectives and provide a customized, cost-effective research solution that fulfills your strategic business needs.

Some of the Key Offerings

Market Sizing and Forecasting

Quantitative analysis of markets, which includes market size, demand forecasting, and market segmentation, along with identification of growth hotspots.

Market Entry and Development

Get an exploratory research to deep dive into the selected/target market to build a winning market entry strategy

Competitive Intelligence

Get a comprehensive assessment and analysis of competitors to proactively position in the marketplace.

Opportunity Assessment

Identify and seize business opportunities, and make informed strategic decisions with our business opportunity assessment.

Identification of Potential Customers

Procure leads to meet your business development goals and expand your customer base.

Customer Insights

Get unbiased insights and feedback from the market to help you understand, retain and expand your customer base


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