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Vast Begins FEED Contract of Concentrated Solar Power Plant in Australia

Last Updated on 15th April 2024

Vast Renewables, an Australian renewable energy company specializing in concentrated solar power (CSP) systems, has announced the commencement of  front-end engineering and design contracts for its VS1 concentrated solar power project. The VS1 project is a 30MW/288MWh CSP plant being developed in Port Augusta, South Australia.



The company has appointed Worley Ltd. and its specialist consulting division, Advisian, to complete the basic engineering of the VS1 project by July 2023. This will be followed by front-end engineering design (FEED) for the remainder of the year. The construction of the VS1 plant is scheduled to begin in 2024.


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The VS1 project will utilize Vast's proprietary modular tower CSP v3.0 technology. This technology captures and stores the sun's energy during the day, generating heat and dispatchable power during the day or night. The project is expected to create dozens of green manufacturing jobs, hundreds of jobs during construction, and long-term plant operations roles.


The VS1 project has received significant support from the Australian government. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has approved up to USD 42 million in funding to support the construction of the VS1 project. In addition, the concentrated solar power project was selected to receive a total of USD 26 million from a collaboration between the Australian and German governments.


The VS1 project will be co-located with Solar Methanol 1 (SM1), a world-first green methanol demonstration plant. SM1 will use zero-emissions dispatchable electricity and heat from VS1 to produce green methanol for use as a sustainable shipping fuel.


Craig Wood, CEO of Vast, expressed his confidence in Worley and Advisian, citing their expertise in CSP and their long-standing relationship with Vast. He thinks that their ability to integrate Vast's technology with significant packages that important equipment partners from around the world will deliver will enable VS1 to advance toward a final investment decision (FID) later this year.


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Project Overview

The VS1 CSP Project is a significant initiative by Vast Renewables Limited, a renewable energy company specializing in concentrated solar thermal power (CSP) systems. Here's an overview of the project:



The VS1 project is a 30MW / 288 MWh CSP plant to be located in Port Augusta, South Australia.



The project will utilize Vast’s proprietary modular tower CSP v3.0 technology. This technology captures and stores the sun’s energy during the day, which can then be used to generate heat and dispatchable power.



The Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) on the VS1 project is expected to be completed by August 2024, with construction starting in late 2024.


About Vast Renewables Limited

Vast Renewables was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in New South Wales, Australia. The company  specializes in developing concentrated solar power (CSP) systems. The company's focus is on generating zero-carbon, utility-scale electricity, industrial process heat, and green fuels.


The company has managed to secure support from strategic partners such as EDF Australia and Canberra Airport Group. This support has been instrumental in the company's growth and development. 


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