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Largest Solar Project in U.S. History just got Approved

Last Updated on 08th January 2024

The Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released an announcement on 11th May approving a proposal to construct and operate the largest solar project in United States history.


The project is run by Solar Partners XI, LLC to construct a 690-MW Gemini solar photovoltaic electric generating facility and ancillary facilities on 7,000 acres site about 30 miles northeast of Las Vegas.

When finished, the estimated USD 1 billion Gemini Solar Project is slated to be the eighth-largest solar power facility in the world. The project is expected to generate enough electricity to power 260,000 homes in the Las Vegas area and other energy markets in Southern California. The project includes a 380 MW solar-powered battery system with the capacity to store and deploy over 1,400 megawatt-hours which can be used when the power is needed most.


The Project is planned to be finished in two phases with the first phase of power expected to be on-line in 2021 with final completion as early as 2022. The Project is expected to generate renewable electricity that would annually offset greenhouse emissions of about 384,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. The BLM and Solar Partners XI, LLC developed measures to avoid, minimize, and mitigate impacts to other resources including visual resources, cultural and tribal resources, recreation access, and air quality.


Casey Hammond, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Exercising the Authority of the Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management commented: “This action is about getting Americans back to work, strengthening communities and promoting investment in American energy. Domestic energy production on Federal lands remains fundamental to our national security and the achievements of the Trump Administration.”

For the administration, the Project will facilitate critical infrastructure investments that will create jobs and economic activity and increase renewable energy, helping to meet Federal and state energy goals. The approval advances key policy objectives of the federal government to promote the “clean and safe development of America’s vast energy resources.

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