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Vantage Data Centers Secures $3 Billion Green Loan for Data Center Expansion in North America

Last Updated on 23rd April 2024

Vantage Data Centers announced today that it has secured a USD 3 billion green loan from a bank syndicate led by Wells Fargo Securities, Truist Securities, Inc., and Scotiabank. This financing is allocated for expanding sustainable infrastructure across its North American data center campuses.


Vantage Data Centers Secures $3 Billion Green Loan for Data Center Expansion in North America


An initial collateral pool of eight leased and greenfield sites in both established and emerging markets supports the loan, which is structured as a revolving credit facility. These sites collectively boast nearly 1.4 gigawatts (GW) of IT capacity. Such a model facilitates a faster time-to-market compared to traditional project-specific construction loans, benefiting both Vantage and its customers.


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Furthermore, this financing arrangement provides Vantage with the flexibility to incorporate additional North American assets into the credit facility in the future. Presently, Vantage’s North American platform comprises 12 data center facilities in the United States and Canada.


This announcement marks a significant milestone in Vantage's growth strategy, with a total of nearly USD 10 billion in financing secured to propel the company's global expansion efforts. Notably, in January, DigitalBridge and Silver Lake spearheaded a USD 6.4 billion equity investment in the company.


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What is Green Finance or Green Loans?

Green finance refers to any structured financial activity created to ensure a better environmental outcome. It includes an array of loans, debt mechanisms, and investments used to encourage the development of green projects or minimize the impact on the climate of more regular projects.


Green finance is central to discussions on the sustainability of economic growth. It supports projects that are environmentally sustainable or adopt aspects of climate change. Such projects include the production of energy from renewable sources like solar, wind, biogas, etc.; clean transportation that involves lower greenhouse gas emissions; energy-efficient projects like green buildings; and waste management that includes recycling, efficient disposal, and conversion to energy.


Green Loans

A green loan is a form of financing that enables borrowers to use the proceeds to exclusively fund projects that make a substantial contribution to an environmental objective. Green loans are similar to green bonds in that they raise capital for green-eligible projects. However, a green loan is typically smaller than a bond and done in a private operation.


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