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Tata Group to Build $5 Billion EV Battery Factory in Somerset UK

Last Updated on 28th February 2024

Agratas, a subsidiary of Tata Group, has announced plans to construct a USD 5 billion EV battery factory in Somerset, southwest England. The 40 GWh facility, set to become the largest in Britain, will create up to 4,000 jobs, with thousands more in the supply chain. This marks Tata's inaugural gigafactory dedicated to battery production outside of India.


Tata Group to Build $5 Billion EV Battery Factory in  Somerset UK


Tata initially disclosed its intentions for the EV battery factory in June of last year. The gigafactory will manufacture high-quality, sustainable battery cells and packs for various applications within the mobility and energy sectors. The company’s strategic growth plans for flexible manufacturing capacity will begin with a rapid ramp-up phase and aim to commence production in 2026. The gigafactory aims to achieve a 100% clean power supply mix.


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This project represents a strategic move for Tata, solidifying its position in the burgeoning global EV market. By establishing a significant presence in Europe, the group gains access to a wider market and strengthens its automotive supply chain. Furthermore, the investment aligns with India's focus on clean energy technologies and positions Tata as a key player in this sector.


The construction of the Tata gigafactory is expected to occur in phases, with production slated to commence in 2026. This project holds immense potential for the UK's EV industry, fostering job creation, and technological advancements, and contributing to the nation's journey towards a sustainable future.


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Project Location

The Tata Motors electric vehicle battery factory will be situated in Gravity Smart campus in Bridgwater, Somerset, southwest England. The Gravity Smart Campus in Bridgwater offers the necessary infrastructure and facilities to support the construction and operation of a large-scale factory. This includes access to transportation networks, utilities, and potentially existing industrial facilities.


Project Cost

The total cost of the Tata Motors electric vehicle battery factory in Somerset, UK, is estimated to be around USD 5 billion (GBP 4 billion). This significant investment covers various aspects of the project, including:


  • Land acquisition
  • Construction
  • Operational costs


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Project Objectives 

The Tata Motors electric vehicle battery factory in Somerset, UK, boasts several key objectives that align with the company's strategic goals, the UK's industrial aspirations, and the broader global shift towards sustainable transportation. Here's a breakdown of the project's main objectives:


  • Establishing a dominant position in the European EV battery market
  • Securing a reliable battery supply chain for Tata Motors
  • Supporting the UK's transition to electric mobility


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About Agratas

Agratas is the wholly owned global battery business of Tata Sons, the parent company of Tata Motors. Established in 2021, Agratas focuses on designing, developing, and manufacturing high-performance and sustainable batteries for various applications, including the automobile and energy sectors. Their goal is to accelerate the global transition towards net zero by becoming an industry leader in sustainable battery production. To learn more about upcoming projects by Agratas, check out our Global Battery Manufacturing Projects database.


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