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JSW Energy Receives 700 MW Solar Power Project from SJVN

Last Updated on 28th February 2024

JSW Energy has secured a 700 megawatt (MW) solar power project from SJVN Limited (SJVN), a prominent state-owned enterprise, marking the largest solar project win for JSW Energy and bolstering its commitment to renewable energy sources.


JSW Energy Receives 700 MW Solar Power Project from SJVN


JSW Neo Energy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of JSW Energy, will develop the project after winning a tariff-based competitive bidding process.


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This win significantly boosts JSW Energy's total locked-in generation capacity to 11.0 GW, comprising 7.2 GW in operation, 2.6 GW under construction in wind, thermal, and hydro, and 1.2 GW capacity received from SECI and SJVN. The company anticipates achieving 9.8 GW of operational capacity.


JSW Energy has ambitious plans to expand its solar power portfolio. This project represents a major step forward for JSW Energy's diversification into clean energy sources, strengthening its position as a key player in India's renewable energy sector and aligning with the country's ambitious clean energy goals


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Objectives of the Project

Increase JSW Energy's renewable energy generation: The primary objective for JSW Energy is likely to expand its solar power portfolio and contribute to its target of reaching 10 GW of solar capacity by 2030. This project adds significantly to their existing capacity and strengthens their position in the renewable energy sector.


Contribute to India's clean energy goals: The project aligns with India's national goal of achieving 40% of its installed power capacity from non-fossil sources by 2030. By developing this large-scale solar project, JSW Energy and SJVN are contributing to reducing the country's dependence on fossil fuels and promoting clean energy adoption.


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About JSW Energy

JSW Energy is one of India's leading private-sector power producers, with a total generation capacity of 11.0 GW as of February 2024. They operate thermal power plants and are increasingly focusing on expanding their renewable energy portfolio, particularly solar power. 


JSW Energy owns and operates a network of transmission lines that facilitate the evacuation of power from their generation plants to the grid. JSW Energy plays a significant role in India's power sector, contributing to the country's energy needs while striving to incorporate sustainable practices. To learn more about JSW Energy’s renewable energy projects, check out our Indian renewable energy database.


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