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Tata Power to Invest $8.7 Billion For 10,000 MW Renewable Energy Projects in Gujarat

Last Updated on 12th January 2024

Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited, a subsidiary of Tata Power, plans to invest USD 8.4 billion to develop 10,000 MW of renewable energy power projects in Gujarat. The company signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Gujarat government during the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2024. The projects will generate 3,000 job opportunities.


Tata Power to Invest $8.7 Billion For 10,000 MW Renewable Energy Projects in Gujarat


The renewable energy projects consist of solar, wind, Round the Clock (RTC), peak, and firm and dispatchable renewable energy (FDRE), covering an extensive 50,000 acres of encumbrance-free government land. Gujarat has favorable conditions for renewable energy generation, with abundant sunshine and wind resources.


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This investment will further contribute to the state's renewable energy goals and help reduce its dependence on fossil fuels. Additionally, Adani Group is also investing USD 24 billion in the renewable energy sector in Gujarat.


These investments are a positive step towards India's ambitious renewable energy targets and will help the country move closer to achieving its climate change goals.


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About Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited



Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited (TPREL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Power, India's largest integrated power company. It is one of the leading renewable energy companies in India, with a renewable generation capacity of over 3,400 MW across wind and solar power. TPREL is committed to developing and providing clean and sustainable energy solutions for India.


TPREL's renewable energy projects are spread across India, with a significant presence in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh. The company has a diversified portfolio of wind and solar projects, including large-scale wind farms, rooftop solar installations, and distributed solar power plants.


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