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RWE Launches Pre-Application Consultation for Pembroke Green Hydrogen Project

Last Updated on 23rd April 2024

RWE has launched a pre-application consultation for its Pembroke Green Hydrogen project located in South Wales, UK. The consultation, which began on April 22, 2024, will run until May 20, 2024. The company is seeking feedback from the local community on its plans. The proposed project involves the development of a green hydrogen production facility on RWE's land adjacent to the Pembroke Power Station. 


RWE Launches Pre-Application Consultation for Pembroke Green Hydrogen Project


The facility, which includes a 110 MWe electrolysis plant and a 1.5km pipeline to connect to nearby industry, aims to produce around two metric tonnes of hydrogen every hour. The plant's only significant byproduct is oxygen.


Green hydrogen, produced from water using energy from renewable sources, can be used as a clean energy alternative for local industrial processes. RWE Pembroke Green Hydrogen expects its hydrogen generation to displace fossil fuel consumption in local industrial activities, thereby reducing local CO2 emissions by approximately 93,000 metric tons annually. This is equivalent to removing 18,600 cars from the roads.


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The UK government has set a target to deliver 6 gigawatts (GW) of green hydrogen production capacity by 2030. The long-standing industrial heritage of South Wales makes it a suitable location for this project. The Pembroke Green Hydrogen project forms part of RWE's vision for the Pembroke Net Zero Center, a new hub of low-carbon innovation and clean energy generation.


RWE has outlined its ambition to be carbon-neutral by 2040. As part of this commitment, the company plans to decarbonize current operations at the power station while investing in new innovative technologies, including hydrogen, battery energy storage systems, and floating offshore wind.


Richard Little, Pembroke Net Zero Center Director, commented on the wider vision for the Pembroke Net Zero Center, stating that green hydrogen generation is the first of three new technologies coming forward at RWE’s Pembroke Power Station site. The Pembroke Green Hydrogen project is expected to build on Pembrokeshire’s local energy heritage, safeguard existing jobs at the site, and deliver a significant local economic investment. 


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Objectives of the Pre-Application Consultation

The objectives of this consultation are multi-faceted and aim to ensure the project's success and acceptance within the local community.


Community Engagement

One of the primary objectives of the pre-application consultation is to engage with the local community. RWE is seeking feedback from residents and stakeholders on the proposed plans for the green hydrogen production facility. This engagement process is crucial for building trust and understanding between RWE and the local community.



The consultation process aims to provide transparency about the project's details. By sharing information about the project, including its potential environmental and economic impacts, RWE hopes to address any concerns or misconceptions that the public may have.


Project Improvement

The feedback collected during the consultation will be used to improve the project. Suggestions and concerns raised by the community can lead to modifications in the project design, ensuring that it meets the needs and expectations of the local community.


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