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Netherlands Commences the Construction of $1.6 Billion National Hydrogen Network

Last Updated on 01st November 2023

The Netherlands has started building the national hydrogen network. HyNetwork services subsidiary of Energy network operator Gasunie will carry out the project. The estimated project cost of the national hydrogen network is around USD 1.6 billion. The hydrogen network is expected to be operational by 2025. The first phase of the hydrogen network will be stretching over 30 kilometers which will be constructed in Rotterdam. It will connect the Tweede Maasvlakte industrial park to Pernis.  Phase 1 will boost the connectivity of ports and refineries.  The total envisaged length of the network is around 1200km. Furthermore, Gasunie reached FID (Final Investment Decision) of USD 105 million for the first phase in June.


The wider network will link all the major industrial clusters in the Netherlands. By 2030 the network will play a vital role in enhancing connections to Germany and Belgium. The network will also connect terminals at seaports, domestic hydrogen production sites, and large-scale storage facilities. Gasunie stated in a press statement that by being the first European country to have its hydrogen infrastructure in place, the Netherlands can be an important hub for renewable energy. 85% of the network will feature repurposed natural gas pipelines.


How does cross-border trade play a vital role in the hydrogen network?

The National Green Hydrogen Network plays a major role in cross-border trade. The trade and shipments of hydrogen will be key to supplying growing markets beyond the industrial clusters. There are plans to link this project with the European Hydrogen Backbone initiative, which plans to build a network of 28,000 km of dedicated hydrogen pipelines by 2030. Which expands to 53,000 km across  28 European countries by 2040. The initiative is backed by a group of 31 energy infrastructure operators.

About Gasunie 

Gasunie is an energy network operator that manages projects both in the Netherlands and in the Northern part of Germany. The organization manages and maintains infrastructure for large-scale transport and storage projects. Gasunie owns the Netherlands gas transmission network with a total length of over 12,000 km and a 3,100 km long network in Germany.


Hynetwork Services is a 100% subsidiary of Gasunie, which develops and manages large-scale hydrogen infrastructure. The organization is responsible for the development of the National Hydrogen Network.


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