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ACWA Power Partners with LONGi for Green Hydrogen Project in Uzbekistan

Last Updated on 18th March 2024

ACWA Power has joined hands with LONGI Hydrogen, a leading green hydrogen production equipment and solution provider, for a green hydrogen project in Uzbekistan. The first phase of the project, a 3,000-tonne green ammonia pilot project, has been initiated.


ACWA Power Partners with LONGi for Green Hydrogen Project in Uzbekistan


 LONGi Hydrogen, a wholly-owned subsidiary of LONGi Green Energy Technology Co. Ltd., will supply the ALK electrolyzer stacks and full BoPs (balance of plant) for this project. This partnership marks a significant milestone in Uzbekistan's energy history and is expected to reduce carbon emissions by up to 136,000 tons per year.


Once the second phase is complete, 2.4 GW of wind energy will power the production of 500,000 metric tons of green ammonia per year. This will be ACWA Power’s second utility-scale green hydrogen project after the NEOM Green Hydrogen Project in Saudi Arabia.


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Marco Arcelli, ACWA Power CEO, said that they are proud to be working with their partners to deliver the green hydrogen project, which will have a deep impact on the country’s ambitious energy transition plans.  


ACWA Power, a Saudi-listed company, is a first mover into green hydrogen and a leader in the energy transition. It is currently present in 12 countries in the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia.


LONGi Hydrogen is committed to becoming the world's leading large-scale electrolyzer and green hydrogen production solution provider. It is dedicated to driving the development and deployment of hydrogen as a clean, reliable, and scalable energy source with low LCOH (levelized cost of hydrogen).


This partnership between ACWA Power and LONGi Hydrogen signifies a major step towards achieving global sustainability goals and reducing carbon emissions. It also highlights the growing importance of green hydrogen as a key player in the global energy transition.


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ACWA Power's Green Hydrogen Project in Uzbekistan

Project Overview

ACWA Power, a Saudi Arabian clean energy leader, is spearheading Uzbekistan's first green hydrogen project. This ambitious initiative aims to establish the Central Asian nation as a significant player in the burgeoning green hydrogen market. The project is designed in two phases, with the first phase already underway. 


This project marks a significant step for Uzbekistan in its clean energy transition, paving the way for a future less reliant on fossil fuels. By December 2024, the integrated facility will be operational.


Phase 1

This phase, valued at around USD 100 million, aims to produce 3,000 metric tons per year of green hydrogen for the Uzbek chemicals industry, saving up to 20.4 million cubic meters of natural gas annually. LONGi Hydrogen will supply the ALK electrolyzer stacks and full BoPs for this phase. The ground-breaking ceremony for this phase was held in November 2023.


Phase 2

Once fully operational, 2.4 GW of wind energy will produce 500,000 metric tons of green ammonia per year.


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