Global Top 15 Wind Turbine Manufacturers [2022]

Published on 07th June 2022

Wind is an abundantly available, cost-effective, and sustainable renewable energy source. And wind turbines help us harness wind energy efficiently and economically for a variety of applications.


Whether the wind turbine requirement is targeted toward a lower wind speed or a robust wind regime, wind turbine manufacturers are driving innovation while providing clean energy for multiple uses.


In recent times, the renewable energy sector boom, favorable government initiatives and policies for wind project development, and increased global commissioning of wind turbines have opened up new possibilities for wind turbine makers.


Furthermore, industry partnerships and targeted R&D investments are promoting the advanced manufacturing capabilities of wind energy technology suppliers.


Do you want to know the leading wind turbine manufacturers? Read on to learn more.


Table of Contents

Global Top 15 Wind Turbine Manufacturers [2022]

  • Vestas
  • SGRE
  • GE
  • Goldwind
  • Envision
  • Mingyang
  • Nordex
  • Windey
  • SEwind
  • DEC
  • CSIC
  • CRRC
  • United Power
  • SANY

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Wrapping Up


Global Top 15 Wind Turbine Manufacturers [2022]

Here are the top 15 wind turbine manufacturers based on the market share and total installed wind capacity:

Vestas (Vestas Wind Systems A/S)

Founded: 1945

Location: Aarhus, Denmark


Vestas Wind Systems A/S (Vestas) retains the top spot as the largest supplier of wind turbines across the onshore and offshore wind markets. Vestas is currently the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer with an extensive footprint across the world, including North America and other countries.


Vestas offers a wide range of products, including but not limited to the following:

EnVentus™ (EnVentus™ variants maximize the potential of each wind site)

V172-7.2 MW™

V162-7.2 MW™

V162-6.2 MW™

V150-6.0 MW™


4 MW Platform (Designed for various wind and site conditions)

V163-4.5 MW™

V155-3.6 MW™

V150-4.5 MW™

V126-3.45 MW™


2 MW Platform (One of the most trusted industry platforms)

V120-2.2 MW™

V110-2.0 MW™

V100-2.0 MW™

V90-2.0 MW™


Vestas specializes in the manufacturing, installation, and service of onshore and offshore wind turbines. The Danish wind turbine maker holds over 16% of the world wind turbine market. Vestas North America is an established market player with 40,000+ MW (installed) and 38,000+ MW (under service) in Canada and the U.S.


Customized solutions, a wide geographic diversification strategy, and the unique Active Output Management® (AOM) service concept are some of the key differentiators that have helped Vestas achieve the highest energy output at the lowest cost and value chain optimization in the wind energy sector.


SGRE (Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy)

Founded: 1976

Location: Zamudio, Spain


Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) is a leading renewable energy company that provides offshore and onshore wind turbines and services.


In 1991, Bonus Energy (later acquired by Siemens AG) built the world’s first offshore wind farm at Vindeby, with a capacity of 4.95 MW. SGRE is a wind power pioneer—from establishing a new-age wind turbine blade factory to major R&D facilities for wind turbine technology, the company has forged a powerful presence in the wind industry.


Siemens onshore wind power portfolio includes:

  • Siemens Gamesa 5.X (SG 6.6-155 and SG 6.6-170)
  • Siemens Gamesa 4.X (SG 5.0-132, SG 5.0-145, and SG 4.7-155)
  • Siemens Gamesa 3.X (SG 3.4-145)
  • SG 2.9-129 (North America)
  • SG 3.4-132 (France)


Siemens offshore wind power portfolio (with patented Direct Drive technology) comprises:

  • SG 8.0-167 DD
  • SG 11.0-200 DD
  • SG 14-222 DD
  • SG 14-236 DD


Siemens Gamesa’s extensive range of onshore wind turbine technologies (for all wind classes and site conditions) and a well-defined offshore growth strategy continue to support its successful execution of onshore and offshore wind projects across the world.


GE (GE Renewable Energy)

Founded: 2015

Location: Paris, France


GE Renewable Energy is a subsidiary of the American multinational conglomerate, General Electric (GE). GE Renewable Energy was created in 2015, combining the wind power assets GE purchased from Alstom with those previously owned by GE and operated under the Power & Water division.


GE Renewable Energy has installed over 400 GW of clean renewable energy by combining hydro, onshore and offshore wind, and other technologies.


GE Renewable Energy’s wind portfolio includes:

  • Onshore wind turbines (2 MW Platform, Sierra Platform, 3 MW Platform, and Cypress Platform)
  • Offshore wind turbines (Haliade-X and Haliade 150-6 MW)
  • Wind turbine blades (boost performance while minimizing wind turbine load)


The next-generation Sierra onshore wind turbine is based on GE’s patented Advanced Loads Control System. According to GE Renewable Energy, Haliade-X is the world’s most powerful offshore wind turbine with an industry-leading capacity factor (63%), a 220-meter rotor, and a 107-meter blade.


As the world’s largest offshore wind project, the 3.6 GW Dogger Bank wind farm in the North Sea will use GE’s Haliade-X turbines to generate electricity for more than 4.5 million UK homes.


GE Renewable Energy’s digital solutions optimize wind farm energy performance. Furthermore, onshore wind farm maintenance and energy services boost AEP (Annual Energy Production) and increase profits. The company’s Repower program for onshore wind farms also helps in upgrading aging onshore wind turbines.



Founded: 1998

Location: Beijing, China


Goldwind is a well-known name in the global wind power market and has a wide network of subsidiaries, R&D institutions, industrial facilities, and international centers worldwide.


The company manufactures smart wind turbines that are safer and more reliable with better environment adaptability, grid-friendly connection, and higher power generation.


Goldwind’s digital wind farms are equipped with smart sensors for smart wind turbine management. Moreover, coordinated decision-making and advanced self-control enhance efficiency and profitability while helping turbines with self-adaptation, self-adjustment, and self-control.


Smart onshore wind power solutions include:

  • Wind project planning
  • Wind measurement and mapping
  • Microsite selection
  • Optimal design


Smart offshore wind power solutions include:

  • Offshore wind farm development and capacity evaluation
  • iDO (Integrated Design Offshore Platform)—offshore wind farm engineering
  • Offshore wind farm O&M (operations and maintenance) and dispatch management
  • Offshore wind power training


Goldwind’s proprietary Permanent Magnet Direct-Drive technology maximizes turbine availability and lowers overall costs. Furthermore, the core technology provides high and low voltage ride-through capabilities.


Envision (Envision Energy)

Founded: 2007

Location: Shanghai, China


Envision (Envision Energy) is a leading wind turbine and energy management service provider. As one of the largest wind turbine technology companies in the world, Envision’s network of engineering centers and R&D spans China, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and the US. 


Envision’s products and technical services encompass:

Smart wind turbine

Envision’s highly reliable onshore and offshore smart wind turbines (2.X MW, 3.X MW, 4.X MW, 5.X MW, and 6.X MW) increase energy yield, minimize downtime, and maximize performance.


Smart wind farm

Envision Smart Wind Farm solutions provide full lifecycle management—wind farm location siting, wind resource assessment, custom engineering design, and more. EnOS Smart Wind software helps with accurate and transparent wind farm operations.


Distributed wind power

Envision’s grid-friendly distributed smart wind turbines protect the environment while providing localized clean energy for nearby communities.


Energy storage

Envision Energy Storage Systems (ESSs) are customizable and ideal for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications—from dense urban areas to remote wind farms.


Mingyang (Mingyang Smart Energy)

Founded: 2006

Location: Zhongshan, China


Mingyang (Mingyang Smart Energy) specializes in the design and development of megawatt wind turbines and high-end equipment.


Mingyang’s wind turbine products are based on the wind turbine generator system (WTGS) platform that runs on an advanced semi-direct drive compact transmission technology.


The product portfolio includes:

  • MY1.5/2.0 MW (customized design suitable for various environments)
  • MySE3.0 MW (higher generating capacity with ultra-wide speed range)
  • MySE4.0 MW (ultra-lightweight and ultra-low cost per kilowatt hour)
  • MySE6.0 MW (highly efficient with top-quality corrosion resistance and anti-typhoon performance)


Here are some significant advantages of time-tested Mingyang’s WTGS:

  • Heat dissipation and anti-typhoon performance
  • High power generation efficiency
  • High reliability
  • Low O&M cost


Nordex (Nordex SE)

Founded: 1985

Location: Rostock, Germany


Nordex (Nordex SE) provides cost-efficient and high-yield wind turbines. The acquisition of Acciona Windpower made Nordex a major force to reckon with in the wind industry. As one of the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers, the Nordex Group provides financially and technically competent multi-megawatt onshore turbines for every wind strength (light, medium, and strong) and climate zone.


The company serves a variety of markets, including those with limited grid availability and limited land availability. Its Competence Centre ensures the highest possible yield for customers. Furthermore, the spare parts management makes the worldwide supply of wind turbine spare parts accessible, 365 days a year.


The Nordex Group’s product portfolio consists of seven turbine types that cover all wind classes with globally relevant specifications. The latest Delta4000 series is designed for easy access and low maintenance costs.


Windey (Zhejiang Windey Co., Ltd.)

Founded: 2001

Location: Hangzhou, China


China’s earliest wind turbine manufacturer is a pioneer in the country’s wind power development history. Zhejiang Windey Co., Ltd. (Windey) specializes in the investments and operations of wind farms and the entire life cycle of wind power projects.


Windey’s wind turbine product portfolio includes:

  • 2.X MW Series (built for complex terrain and wind conditions)
  • 2.5 MW Series (built for mountainous areas exposed to a low wind speed)
  • 3.X MW Series (built for inland areas exposed to a medium or high wind speed)
  • 5 MW Series (suitable for the marine environment)


The company’s industry-leading technological innovation comprises:

  • Windey New Energy Smart Operation Platform
  • Fault prediction and health management system
  • Smart condition monitoring system of wind turbines


Apart from grid-friendly technology and smart wind farm solutions, Windey is known for its innovative excellence in improvizing the daily O&M of new energy stations, reducing operating costs, and enabling predictive production and operations management.



Founded: 1984

Location: Aurich, Germany


ENERCON (ENERCON GmbH) is a leading German wind turbine manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in global wind energy projects. ENERCON provides tried-and-tested turbines in different output levels and wind class designs suitable for locations with medium and strong winds.


ENERCON’s product portfolio includes:

  • EP 5 (includes E-160 EP5)
  • EP 3 (variants include E-138 EP3 and E-115 EP3)
  • EP 2 (variants include E-92, E-82, and E-70 E4)


ENERCON also provides integrated solutions for optimal grid integration in compliance with demanding international grid codes and local grid operators’ stringent technical requirements regarding the electrical performance of wind energy converters (WECs) and wind farms (WFs).


ENERCON wind energy converters are based on the ground-breaking direct drive (gearless drive) technology, and the WEC components are built to meet the highest quality standards.


In addition, ENERCON’s modern innovation center is home to highly advanced test equipment and labs for acoustics, generator technology, power electronics, rotor blade technology, and turbine engineering.


SEwind (Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group Co., Ltd.)

Founded: 2006

Location: Shanghai, China


Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group Co., Ltd. (SEwind) specializes in energy equipment, industrial equipment, and full lifecycle integration services for equipment.


The company’s expertise spans wind turbine generator design and manufacturing, wind farm O&M, wind resource evaluation, wind farm asset management, and more. The company has also developed an anti-typhoon strategy to minimize wind turbine risk.


Among other products, Shanghai Electric offers the following wind power equipment:

Onshore wind turbines

Permanent magnet direct drive wind turbine

This wind turbine is suitable for offshore wind farms that need units with larger capacities. Advanced design enhances the overall performance and promotes the overall localization level of wind turbine equipment.



Based on wind resources and climate conditions, Shanghai Electric provides optimized and customized designs (wind turbine blades, wind towers, etc.) and services. For example, the 3.6/4 MW SERIES wind turbine offers two options each for the hub height and rotor diameter.


Offshore wind turbines

  • Asynchronous wind turbine
  • 2.5 MW SERIES


DEC (Dongfang Electric Corporation)

Founded: 1984

Location: Chengdu, China


Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC) is a prominent state-owned enterprise group that has grown into one of the world’s key players in power-generating equipment manufacturing and internal project contracting.


DEC’s comprehensive product portfolio comprises the following units:

  • Electric and electronic automatic control
  • Environmental conservation
  • Gas turbine
  • Hydropower
  • Nuclear power
  • Seawater desalination
  • Solar power
  • Thermal power
  • Wind power


DEC provides a full range of customized service solutions, such as overhaul and repair, O&M, upgrading and modification, spare parts, and LTAP (load technical assistance program) services.


CSIC (China Haizhuang)

Founded: 2004

Location: Chongqing, China


China Haizhuang is the leading company in China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC). The company is also known as China Shipbuilding Corporation Haizhuang Wind Power Co., Ltd.


CSIC is the biggest machinery group and the first company in China with a complete supply chain in the wind power sector, including:

  • Wind turbine components manufacturing
  • Wind turbine R&D and manufacturing
  • Offshore wind project construction and installation
  • Offshore transmission line installation


China Haizhuang’s onshore and offshore solutions comprise:

  • Project planning and site selection
  • EPC engineering construction
  • Wind farm smart operation
  • After-sales service
  • Offshore wind power development
  • Intelligent O&M system
  • Wind farm warning
  • Systematic training


CRRC (CRRC Wind Power (Shandong) Co., Ltd.)

Founded: 2015

Location: Haidian District, Beijing, China


CRRC Wind Power (Shandong) Co., Ltd. or CRRC is a large-scale wind power equipment manufacturer established by the merger of CNR and CSR. CRRC is a key player in China’s rail transit equipment manufacturing industry and offers a diverse portfolio of products like high-power locomotives and railway freight cars.


The company’s specialties comprise rolling stock, components, and other products such as construction machinery and wind turbines.


The Chinese major’s wind power equipment expertise includes:

  • R&D, manufacturing, and sales (wind power equipment and main components)
  • Project design, construction, and technical service


CRCC’s wind turbine products include:

  • 1.5 MW gear box for wind turbine
  • 1.65 MW gear box for wind turbine
  • 2 MW gear box for wind turbine
  • 2.5 MW gear box for wind turbine
  • Type WT1500 wind turbine
  • Type WT1650 wind turbine
  • Type WT2000 wind turbine
  • Type WT2500 wind turbine


CRCC’s wind products are suitable for a variety of application environments (such as coastal and low-speed wind farms) and land conditions (such as plain and plateau).


United Power (Guodian United Power Technology)

Founded: 2007

Location: Beijing, China


United Power Technology Co., Ltd. (Guodian United Power Technology) is a well-known wind turbine full lifecycle service provider and wind power equipment manufacturer. Affiliated to the National Energy Group, the company holds the world’s highest wind power installation record in Nagqu, Tibet.


Apart from completing China’s largest overseas single wind power project in South Africa, the company continues to gain recognition for its expertise in wind turbine R&D, design, and manufacturing.


United Power’s product portfolio includes:

  • 8-10 MW platform
  • 6 MW platform
  • 4.X MW platform
  • 3.X MW platform
  • 2.X MW platform
  • 1.5 MW platform


United Power’s smart wind farm overall solution comprises:

  • Wind resource assessment
  • Site selection
  • Unit selection
  • Personalized model configuration
  • Transportation plan integration
  • Power collection line optimization
  • Project execution plan design


Precise positioning of the wind field range, high-precision wind field simulation calculations, customized tower foundation design, and an in-depth analysis of operating wind farm data are some of the other impactful features of United Power’s smart wind farm solution.


SANY (Sany Renewable Energy)

Founded: 2008

Location: Beijing, China


Sany Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. (Sany Renewable Energy or SANY) is a subsidiary of the SANY Group. SANY Group specializes in construction machines and other offerings, such as piling machinery, port machinery, road machinery, hydraulic excavators, wind turbines, and precision digital controls. SANY is among the leading wind power manufacturers.


Sany Renewable Energy’s business specialties include:

  • Wind turbine R&D, manufacturing, and sales
  • Wind farm designing, construction, and operations management
  • Photovoltaic power station construction and operations management


Sany Renewable Energy provides digital wind farm and O&M solutions. Its product portfolio includes:

Wind turbines

  • 4.X MW~6.X MW (for mid-to-high wind speed areas)
  • 3.X MW~4.X MW (for medium-high and low wind speed areas)


The main advantages of these wind turbines are high cost performance, high energy production, high reliability, and a wide range of customization.


Wind turbine blade production bases

The company has three wind turbine blade production bases with 18 production lines. While a complete inspection and testing system (for raw materials, components, and full-size blades) ensures safety and reliability, an international design and development team is responsible for the lightweight product design.


Smart generator

Beijing Sany Intelligent Motor Co., Ltd. (“Sany Generator”) is a subsidiary of Sany Renewable Energy and specializes in manufacturing, R&D, and after-sales service for double-fed generators. The 1.5X MW-6.X MW high-speed double-fed generator (Smart Generator) adopts an advanced automation technology and modular design with a state-of-the-art solvent-free insulation system and a super dual-circuit cooling system.


Apart from wind turbine manufacturers, other companies are actively contributing to wind energy projects. For example, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group provides engineering expertise for wind turbine failure analysis, power performance evaluation, wind turbine component data analysis and diagnosis, and wind condition and load analysis.


On the other hand, TPI manufactures composite wind blades for the wind energy market. As the largest U.S.-based composite wind blade maker, TPI supports global wind turbine manufacturers.


It is interesting to note the increasing demand for small wind turbines as well. Unlike a large wind turbine (LWT) typically deployed in a wind farm, a small wind turbine (SWT) is designed for agricultural, residential, small commercial, and specific industrial applications.


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Wrapping Up

With the rise of wind energy’s share in the renewable energy mix, the upward trajectory of the global wind industry is likely to continue to ensure energy security and keep the energy transition goals on track.


The main drivers of gaining a competitive edge in wind turbine manufacturing are:

  • Cost savings
  • Grid-friendliness
  • High efficiency
  • High reliability


Compared to steady onshore wind additions over the years, the rapidly accelerating offshore wind market is also proving to be lucrative for manufacturers of wind turbines.


According to the GWEC (Global Wind Energy Council), “the APAC onshore markets and offshore are likely to play a bigger role in driving global growth.”


In the diverse pool of wind turbine makers, holding a dominant market position depends on strong growth in wind power capacity and commissioning of newly installed capacity, among other factors.


As the established wind turbine manufacturers leverage their expertise to tap into more opportunities, emerging players are working toward gaining a foothold in the ever-growing renewable energy industry.


Wind energy represents an inexhaustible and native source of energy. For wind turbine manufacturers, wind energy holds the potential to achieve far-reaching success and sustainability.

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