Top Ten Wind Farms in the World

Last Updated on 07th February 2024

Jiuquan Wind Power Base

Installed Capacity - 7.96 GW
Location - Gansu Province, China
Type - Onshore

Jiuquan Wind Power Base also known as Gansu Wind Farm is the world’s biggest wind farm with a planned installed capacity of 20GW. The Gansu Wind Farm Project is located in desert areas near the city of Jinquan in two localities of Guazhou county and also near Yumen city which is developed by 20 developers including Chinese developers Huaneng and Datang and will feature 7,000 wind turbines arranged in rows.

Jaisalmer wind park

Installed Capacity - 1600 MW
Location - Rajasthan, India
Type - Onshore

Jaisalmer Wind Park is 2nd biggest in the world and India’s biggest wind farm, which was developed by Suzlon Energy, Suzlon constructed the wind farms for a range of customers, including private and public sector companies, independent power producers, and power utility providers. Some of the clients include Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, Rajasthan State Mines and Minerals, and CLP India. 


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Alta wind farm

Installed Capacity - 1547 MW
Location - California, US
Type - Onshore

Alta Wind Energy Center (AWEC), also known as Mojave Wind Farm, is the largest onshore wind energy project in the USA. It is owned by Terra-Gen Power, an affiliate of Arclight Capital Partners and Global Infrastructure Partners. In 2010, Vestas had won an order to deliver 190 units of its V90-3.0 MW model wind turbine for the Alta project. The project will supply 1,550MW of clean renewable energy to Southern California Edison (SCE). The first five units of Alta Wind Energy Centre were commissioned in 2011. 

Muppandal Wind Farm

Installed Capacity - 1500 MW
Location - Tamilnadu, India
Type - Onshore

Muppandal receives strong winds for nine months a year from the west, due to the presence of the Western Ghats mountain range. The area in and around Muppandal features a vast amount of barren land, which is not fit for cultivation but boasts of high-pressure winds making it an ideal location for the development of wind farms.  The wind farms within the project have varying installed capacities and feature turbines from various manufacturers, including Vestas, NEPC India, AMTL, TTG, and Suzlon

Los Vientos wind farm

Installed Capacity - 910 MW
Location - Texas, US
Type - Onshore

The Los Vientos Wind Farm was completed in five phases. Construction of the wind farm was carried out by Duke Energy Renewables, part of Duke Energy’s commercial portfolio. The Los Vientos I (200 MW) and II (202 MW) wind farms, with a combined capacity of 402MW,  Featuring 87 Siemens SWT-2.3-108 turbines, and 84 Mitsubishi Heavy Industry (MHI) MWT 102 wind turbines. The Los Vientos III (200MW ) comprises 100 Vestas V110-2.0 MW turbines. The fourth and Fifth phases are developed with capacities of 200 MW and 110 MW. Power generated by the Los Vientos I and II is sold to CPS Energy and Austin Energy, respectively.

Shepherds Flat Wind Farm

 Installed Capacity - 845 MW
Location - Oregon, US
Type - Onshore

Located near Arlington in Eastern Oregon, the Shepherds Flat Wind Farm is the third-largest wind farm in the US. Developed by Caithness Energy. Construction on the wind farm was started in 2009, with an estimated cost of $2bn. The US Department of Energy announced a loan guarantee of $1.3bn for the wind farm project in 2010. The Shepherds Flat Wind Farm began commercial operations in 2012. It features 338 GE2.5XL turbines, each with a rated capacity of 2.5MW. The power generated by the wind farm is delivered to Southern California Edison.


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Roscoe Wind Farm

Installed Capacity - 781.5 MW
Location - Texas, US
Type - Onshore

The 781MW Roscoe Wind Farm if the fourth biggest wind farm in the US. Located 45 miles southwest of Abilene in Texas, the wind farm is owned and operated by E.ON Climate and Renewables (EC&R), a Germany-based company. Consisting of 627 wind turbines, the wind farm was in four phases between 2007 and 2009. While the first two phases saw the installation of 325.5MW capacity and 446MW capacity was installed during the third and fourth phases. The Roscoe Wind Farm began commercial operations in 2009.

Horse Hollow Wind Energy Centre

Installed Capacity - 735.5 MW
Location - Texas, US
Type - Onshore

The wind farm was located in Taylor and Nolan Counties which was commissioned in four phases during 2005 and 2006. The power produced by the wind farm is enough to meet the electricity requirements of nearly 180,000 Texan households. The facility was owned and operated by NextEra Energy Resources, Blattner Energy was the engineering, procurement, and construction contractor for the project. The first three phases of the project are installed with 142 GE 1.5MW 130 Siemens 2.3MW and 149 GE 1.5MW wind turbines, respectively. The wind farm features turbines supplied by GE and Siemens. It includes 291 GE 1.5MW turbines and 130 Siemens 2.3MW wind turbines.

Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm

Installed Capacity - 662.5 MW
Location - Texas, US
Type - Onshore

The Wind Farm is located in Sterling and Coke counties, the wind farm is owned and operated by NextEra Energy Resources. It was built in two phases in 2007 and 2008 respectively. The wind farm is installed with 342 GE 1.5MW and 65 Siemens 2.3MW wind turbines.



Walney Wind Farm

Installed Capacity - 659 MW
Location - the coast of Cumbria, UK, Europe
Type - Offshore

The wind farm is located in the west of Walney Island, It has 87 turbines - 47 MHI Vestas turbines and 40 Siemens Gamesa turbines. Orsted owns 50 percent of the project, with Danish pension funds PFA and PKA owning 25 percent each, the wind farm was developed in two phases of 330MW each, and the project is expected to help DONG Energy to achieve 6.5GW of installed capacity online by 2020.

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