Top 7 Green Hydrogen Companies in India

Published on 14th March 2023

India is making rapid advancements towards lowering its dependence on fossil fuel and switching to green energy mode. With an ambitious target to produce five million tonnes of green hydrogen by 2030, the Indian government has announced the NATIONAL GREEN HYDROGEN MISSION as a part of its ambitious target of achieving carbon neutrality by 2070 to mitigate the risks of climate change.


The mission will empower green hydrogen producers in India to produce green hydrogen and green ammonia without incurring any transmission costs for 25 years straight. The proposed mission also aims to facilitate the gradual rollout of hydrogen fuel cells and fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) buses and trucks through a pilot program. To address the relatively higher capital costs associated with FCEVs during the early stages, financial support will be offered to bridge the viability gap.


As a result, several private sector conglomerates, including Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries and Gautam Adani-led Adnani group, have already expressed interest in investing heavily in green hydrogen production and green hydrogen energy storage. 


A few of these entities had disclosed their objectives as early as 2021, following Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman's announcement of India's plans to leverage green hydrogen in her budget speech. 


To steer the green hydrogen transition, the Indian government has set aside USD 2.2 billion (INR 17,490 crore) to incentivize the manufacturing of green hydrogen electrolyzer manufacturers. This will certainly be a step in the direction to adopt Green Hydrogen as a new juice for the vehicle mobility sector. 


What is Green Hydrogen?

For starters, green hydrogen is produced by the electrolysis of water to split it into its constituents oxygen and hydrogen. However, instead of fossil fuel (which is used for the electrolysis of water in grey hydrogen production), renewable sources are used for the electrolysis of water. Since renewable energy sources such as solar and wind are used in this process, it does not produce any carbon dioxide.


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7 Leading Green Hydrogen Producing Companies in India

Take a look at the list of green hydrogen production companies in India.


Adani Group

ADANI Group, by far, is the top green hydrogen manufacturing company in India with heavy investments in green energy and other renewable energy sources. Adani New Industries Ltd (ANIL), a subsidiary of ADANI Group, announced on June 14, 2022, that it has entered into a partnership with TotalEnergies SE of France to invest USD 50 billion in India over the next decade to produce green hydrogen and create an ecosystem around it. The joint venture is expected to focus on developing infrastructure for green hydrogen production, storage, transportation, and distribution across India.


ANIL has set an initial target of producing 1 million tons per annum of green hydrogen by 2030, which will contribute significantly to the country's renewable energy goals. To achieve this target, ANIL has signed a development and licensing agreement with Melbourne-based hydrogen technology firm, Cavendish Renewable Technology (CRT), in December 2022. The agreement covers the development of alkaline electrolyzers, polymer exchange membranes (PEMs), anion exchange membranes (AEMs), and CRT's innovative "C-Cell" technology for mass-scale green hydrogen production.


ANIL's partnership with TotalEnergies SE and its collaboration with CRT highlights the company's commitment to the development of a sustainable energy ecosystem in India. The investment in green hydrogen production and infrastructure will not only contribute to India's renewable energy goals but also create employment opportunities and boost economic growth. ANIL's efforts to develop green hydrogen technologies could also drive innovation and reduce the cost of production, making it more accessible and affordable for businesses and consumers.


Reliance Industries Ltd

Reliance Industries, the leading grey hydrogen production company in India, has announced plans to transition to green hydrogen production by 2025. Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani has unveiled the company’s plans to move away from grey hydrogen towards green energy.


The company aims to reduce the production cost of green hydrogen to under USD 1/kg by the end of the decade. This marks a significant step towards the company's goal of becoming a net-zero carbon emissions company by 2035.


Sources suggest that Reliance Industries is in advanced talks with Hinduja-owned truck and bus maker Ashok Leyland to develop and establish a supply chain for hydrogen-powered engines. This move aligns with the company's strategy of diversifying its operations and exploring opportunities in green energy.


The chairman, who unveiled plans last year to invest USD 75 billion in clean energy projects over the next 15 years, will oversee the company's strategy, including the building of gigafactories and blue hydrogen facilities. He is also reportedly assessing acquisition targets and talking to potential investors to advance the company's green energy agenda.


Indian Oil Corporation Ltd

As part of its decarbonization drive, Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL) has set a target to replace at least 10% of its current fossil-fuel-based hydrogen with green hydrogen at its refineries. The company is also establishing a subsidiary to house its green energy businesses. IOCL plans to produce 5% of its hydrogen as green hydrogen by 2027-28, with a target of 10% by 2029-30, as stated in its 2022 annual report.


To kick-start this initiative, IOCL is setting up green hydrogen plants at its Panipat and Mathura refineries, the nation's largest oil firm. Additionally, IOCL subsidiary Chennai Petroleum Corporation has recently issued an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the design, manufacturing, and commissioning of electrolyzers and related equipment for green hydrogen production at its refinery in Manali, Chennai.


IOCL's transition towards green hydrogen production and its establishment of a subsidiary for green energy businesses are significant steps towards India's renewable energy goals. The company's investment in green hydrogen technologies and its efforts to replace fossil-fuel-based hydrogen with green hydrogen could drive innovation and accelerate the adoption of green energy in India's energy mix. Furthermore, IOCL's efforts to produce green hydrogen could reduce the country's dependence on fossil fuels and promote sustainable and environmentally friendly energy production.


Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd

India’s largest oil and gas explorer and producer ONGC (Oil & Natural Gas Corporation) has made significant advancements to enter the list of companies producing green hydrogen in India. 


It signed an MoU with M/s Greenko ZeroC Private Limited, in July 2022 for spending USD 6.2 billion on renewable energy and green hydrogen projects. The JV will collaborate together to explore the opportunities of making green hydrogen and its derivatives, including green ammonia. 


This MoU between ONGC and Greenko, a leading renewable energy company in India, will be valid for two years. During this period, Greenko will assist ONGC in its green energy endeavors, supporting India's National Hydrogen Mission to establish India as a global hub for green hydrogen production.


This partnership between ONGC and Greenko could contribute significantly to India's renewable energy goals and reduce the country's dependence on fossil fuels. Green hydrogen production, along with its derivatives such as green ammonia, could play a critical role in India's energy transition and promote sustainable and environmentally friendly energy production. Furthermore, this initiative could encourage other companies to invest in green energy, driving innovation and accelerating the adoption of green energy in India's energy mix.


GAIL India Ltd

On May 12, 2022, GAIL, India's leading natural gas company, announced that it has awarded a contract for the installation of one of the largest Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Electrolysers in India. The project, based on renewable power, will be set up at GAIL's Vijaipur Complex, located in the Guna district of Madhya Pradesh. The electrolyzer, with a capacity of around 10 MW, is expected to produce approximately 4.3 MT of green hydrogen per day. The project is scheduled to be commissioned by November 2023.


In January 2022, GAIL commenced a unique project in India to mix hydrogen into the natural gas system. This project demonstrates the company's commitment to promoting clean energy and reducing carbon emissions. The integration of hydrogen into the natural gas system could lead to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in India's energy mix.


GAIL's initiative to set up a large-scale PEM Electrolyser in India shows the company's continued efforts to expand its green energy portfolio. With the commissioning of this green hydrogen project, GAIL could become a major player in India's green hydrogen market. The use of renewable power to produce green hydrogen could help reduce India's dependence on fossil fuels and contribute to the country's renewable energy goals.


Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd

BPCL, one of India's leading oil marketing companies, is making strides in the green hydrogen industry. In June 2022, BPCL invited bids to install a 5 MW electrolyzer system, which would be used to set up a green hydrogen production facility in a phased manner in one of its city gas distribution projects. Additionally, the company signed a five-year Memorandum of Understanding with the Odisha government in April 2022 to explore the feasibility of setting up a renewable energy plant and a green hydrogen plant, among other things.


To advance green hydrogen production, BPCL has partnered with the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) to develop alkaline electrolyzer technology. The company is looking to scale up production of the electrolyzer for commercial use, particularly in refineries. With these efforts, BPCL is positioning itself to take advantage of the growing demand for green hydrogen in India and beyond.


National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd

India’s largest electricity producer, NTPC, has announced plans to allocate about 5 GW of capacity in the green hydrogen and ammonia business from its target of 60 GW in green portfolios by 2032.


The company has initiated three pilot projects to develop its hydrogen business. One pilot project involves blending green hydrogen with natural gas at its Kawas plant in Gujarat. In the second pilot project, NTPC is setting up a green hydrogen filling station in Leh, along with solar plants. The company aims to run hydrogen-based fuel cell buses there.


In the third pilot project, NTPC is producing hydrogen with carbon capture at its Vindhyachal plant in Madhya Pradesh. These initiatives are expected to help NTPC develop a deeper understanding of the green hydrogen business and advance its efforts in reducing carbon emissions.


Larsen & Toubro Ltd

In August 2022, L&T, one of the largest EPC companies in the world, commissioned a green hydrogen plant at its AM Naik Heavy Engineering Complex in Hazira, Gujarat. The plant has a daily production capacity of 45 Kg of green hydrogen, which is used for captive consumption in the company’s Hazira manufacturing complex. Additionally, L&T signed an agreement with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay to jointly pursue research and development work in the green hydrogen value chain.

In January 2022, L&T signed a memorandum of understanding with Norway-based electrolyzer technology and manufacturer HydrogenPro AS to set up a gigawatt-scale manufacturing unit for alkaline water electrolyzers based on HydrogenPro technology in India. Furthermore, in December 2021, L&T tied up with Nasdaq-listed ReNew Power to jointly develop, own, execute, and operate green hydrogen projects in India.


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