Top Ten Offshore Wind Farms in the World

Last Updated on 15th February 2024

Offshore wind farms are gaining momentum globally as countries seek clean energy solutions. Driven by concerns about climate change and a desire for energy independence, many nations are turning to this powerful source of renewable energy. 


Recent advancements in technology have made offshore wind farms more attractive. Larger turbines, sturdier foundations, and more efficient transmission systems have all helped bring down costs and boost energy output. As technology continues to improve and costs decline, we can expect to see even more wind farms sprouting up across the world's oceans, powering our homes and businesses with clean, sustainable energy.


Europe has been a leader in offshore wind, with countries like the UK, Germany, and Denmark pioneering the industry. These nations have benefited from strong government support, favorable geographic conditions, and a skilled workforce. But other regions are catching up fast. China, the United States, and Taiwan are all investing heavily in offshore wind, driven by a combination of environmental goals, economic opportunities, and energy security concerns.


This article presents the latest list of Global Top 10 Offshore Wind Projects. 


Global Top 10 Offshore Wind Mill Projects 

Walney Wind Farm

Installed Capacity - 659 MW
Location - the coast of Cumbria, UK, Europe
Commission Date - Sept 2018

The wind farm is located in the west of Walney Island, It has 87 turbines - 47 MHI Vestas turbines and 40 Siemens Gamesa turbines. Orsted owns 50 percent of the project, with Danish pension funds PFA and PKA owning 25 percent each, the wind farm was developed in two phases of 330MW each, and the project is expected to help DONG Energy to achieve 6.5GW of installed capacity online by 2020.


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London Array Wind Farm

Installed Capacity - 630 MW
Location -  Thames Estuary, UK, Europe
Commission Date - April 2013

The London Array is located 20 km off the Kent coast in the outer Thames Estuary and features 175 turbine SWT-3.6 turbines. It is the second-largest offshore wind farm on Earth, the second phase of the project was refused planning consent in 2014 due to concerns over the impact on sea birds.

Gemini Wind Farm

Installed Capacity - 600 MW
Location -  Netherlands
Commission Date - 2017

The wind farm consists of two parts. The first part with 75 turbines is located north of Ameland. The second part also with 75 turbines is located 55 kilometers north of Schiermonnikoog. The 150 wind turbines are Siemens SWT-4.0, each with a capacity of 4 megawatts. The wind farm has been developed by a consortium led by Northland Power Van Oord being the main contractor. van Oord sold a 10% stake to the ALTE LEIPZIGER-HALLESCHE insurance group.

Beatrice wind farm

Installed Capacity - 588 MW
Location -  Scotland, UK
Commission Date - 2018 (commercial)

Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Limited (BOWL) is a joint venture of SSE Renewables (40%), Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (35%), and Red Rock Power Limited (25%), is the owner and developer of the wind farm. The last of the 84 wind turbines was commissioned in May 2019, the wind farm is located near Moray Firth, North Sea, and features Siemens Gamesa 7 MW wind turbines.

Gode Wind Farm

Installed Capacity - 582MW
Location -  Northsea, Germany
Commission Date - June 2017

The wind farm is being developed in 3 phases and will have a final capacity of 900 MW, while the 1st (332 MW) and 2nd (252 MW) phases are operational and the third phase will have a capacity of 316 MW, the wind farm features siemens wind power 6 MW direct-drive wind turbines (55 in Gode 1 and 42 in Gode 2), and Gode 3 will have 57 wind turbines, all the 154 direct-drive 6MW turbines were contracted by Dong energy.


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Gwynt y Môr Wind Farm

Installed Capacity - 576 MW
Location -  Wales, United Kingdom
Commission Date - June 2015

Gwynt y Môr wind farm is located off the coast of North Wales and features 160 Siemens SWT 3.6 MW wind turbines, the project is owned by multiple owners (RWE Npower - 50%, Stadtwerke Munchen - 30%, UK Green Investment Bank -10%, Siemens -10%). 


Race Bank wind farm

Installed Capacity - 573 MW
Location -  England, United Kingdom
Commission Date - Feb 2018

Race Bank Wind Farm is a Round 2 offshore wind farm located 27 km north of Blakeney Point off the coast of Norfolk in the North Sea, which features 91 Siemens Gamesa 6MW wind turbines. The wind farm is officially inaugurated in June 2018 and has an estimated operational life of 25 years. The Wind Farm is owned by Ørsted (50%), Macquarie European Infrastructure Fund 5 (25%), Sumitomo Corporation (12.5%), and other investors (12.5%).

Greater Gabbard wind farm

Installed Capacity - 504 MW
Location -  England, United Kingdom
Commission Date - 2012

The wind farm was located near Inner Gabbard and the Galloper banks, North Sea, it is a joint venture between Airtricity and Fluor. Airtricity was subsequently bought by Scottish and Southern Energy. The wind farm features 140 Siemens Wind Power: SWT3.6–107 wind turbines.

Horns Rev 3

Installed Capacity - 406.7 MW
Location -  Denmark
Commission Date - 2019

Horns Rev 3 wind farm in the North Sea, 25km off the Danish Jutland coast which is developed by Vattenfall, the wind farm features 49 MHI Vestas: V164 wind turbines, the first turbines began delivering electricity to consumers in December 2018. The official inauguration of Horns Rev 3 took place in August 2019.


Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm

Installed Capacity - 402 MW
Location -  England, United Kingdom
Commission Date - Oct 2017

The Wind Farm is located 32km north of Cromer, Norfolk in the North Sea, England. The project was originally developed by Warwick Energy Limited, who set up a subsidiary called Dudgeon Offshore Wind Limited, the Wind Farm features 67 Siemens 6 MW wind turbines.



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