Willmott Dixon to Build New Apartments and Houses as Part of Queens Renovation Drive

Last Updated on 08th January 2024

In the latest phase of Queens Drive's renovation, Willmott Dixon will destroy four decrepit residential tower blocks to create room for 68 new apartments and 34 houses.


Willmott Dixon is already working on phase 1A, a £11.5 million contract to construct 15 houses and 32 flats that began in June 2020.


The £34 million project is located on the A4259, one of the major highways in and out of Swindon.


“This development delivers much needed, affordable housing in Swindon through the council’s biggest regeneration scheme to date.”  said Councillor Cathy Martyn, cabinet member for housing at Swindon Borough Council. “It's exciting to see that work on the next step of developing modern, efficient, and well-developed homes for the future is about to begin.”


“The new homes have been designed to reflect Swindon’s unique heritage and efforts have been made to incorporate the town’s railway history into the designs. The prominent gables of the apartments, for example, are based on the widths of the former engine sheds used to house, repair and maintain trains, whilst the building mass ensures dual aspect living so that they will be light and airy to live in once built. “


“Along with the housing, we’ve taken steps to ensure that the homes are as climate friendly as possible by using PV cells and triple glazing, as well as taking steps to ensure the local wildlife continues to thrive with the help of new bat boxes. I understand the importance of investing in our local communities and building good quality, affordable housing in Swindon is a top priority for this Council.”  


Homes England Grant, the council's housing revenue account (HRA), and borrowing offset against the rent income generated by the homes are all used to pay the Queens Drive rehabilitation project. The Scape framework was used to procure the construction.


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