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The Mantis Brand to be Launched in Bahrain by Accor and Edmah

Last Updated on 08th January 2024

Accor, a world-leading augmented hospitality group with over 400 hotels in India, the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey, has signed a deal with Edamah, Bahrain's sovereign wealth fund Mumtalakat Holding Company's real estate arm, to open a new Mantis property on Bahrain's Hawar Island, combining luxury with eco-tourism and redefining adventure.


Adrian Gardiner, a worldwide entrepreneur and conservationist, launched Mantis in 2000, and it now offers a diverse variety of exceptional destinations all over the world.


Since joining forces in 2018, Accor and Mantis have collaborated to explore new ways to welcome visitors in authentic selected Hotels, Eco-Lodges, and Waterways while prioritizing sustainability and promoting greater appreciation of the natural environment in each unique destination.


Edamah, which was founded in 2006, oversees a diverse portfolio of real estate projects across the Kingdom, spanning from commercial and retail to leisure and hospitality, according to an Accor statement.


The Mantis project will be based on Hawar Island, which is a 45-minute boat ride from Bahrain's mainland and has been designated by Unesco as a World Heritage Site for its natural history.


Guests will be able to stay in overwater villas with direct access to the sea while enjoying exceptional service, quality, and the stunning island scenery, according to the statement.


The hotel and resort will include 72 rooms when it opens, as well as five culinary concepts and a variety of sports and leisure activities, including an Adventure Park, a tennis court, a bike track, and a waterpark. A helipad will also be available at the property.


The property will have two primary concepts: a beach resort with luxury accommodations, as well as chill out zones, bars and coffee stations, meditation spaces, and other social areas for adventure and sports enthusiasts; and an adventure and sports resort with luxury lodging units, as well as bars and coffee stations, meditation spaces, and other social areas for adventure and sports enthusiasts. Morning hikes, beach walks, outdoor beach yoga sessions, and water sports are among the leisure activities available to guests.


"We are looking forward to partnering with Accor to open the first Mantis brand in Bahrain on Hawar Island and welcoming visitors from across the region with the traditional warm hospitality that Bahrain is known for." stated Edamah CEO Amin Alarrayed.


The property will be encircled by a wildlife sanctuary and will be located on the west coast of Hawar Island, making it one of the first such environmentally focused developments and a one-of-a-kind destination in the Middle East.


Sand Gazelles, Arabian Oryx, multicolored coral reefs, and endangered Dugongs are among the island's biodiversity highlights. Birdwatchers will enjoy the island, which attracts a variety of migrating species, including Socotra Cormorants.


Because this is a Mantis property, it will be developed in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner to respect the unique environment in which it will be located.


To lessen the environmental impact, initiatives and systems will be introduced to sort garbage, repurpose biodegradable food waste, and reduce the consumption of water and energy using cutting-edge technologies.


Accor now has 8 properties (1,174 rooms) in Bahrain, with three more (436 rooms) on the way.


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