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The King Salman Park Substations And Cables Project Has Been Put Out To Tender By The SEC.

Last Updated on 08th January 2024

For the King Salman Park in Riyadh, the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) has published a tender for building 132/13.8kV substations and the installation of 132kV cables.


The tender will include the construction of four 132/13.8kV substations: 8387, 8388, 8389, and 8390.



132kV Gas Insulated Switchgear, 67MVA Power Transformers, Medium Voltage Switchgear, Capacitor Banks, Protection System, Substation Automation System, Electro-mechanical works, and civil works are all part of the project scope.


SEC is also seeking bids for the installation of 132kV underground cable to connect the above-mentioned new substations to the network. The subterranean cable's total route length is approximately 31 kilometres.


King Salman Park will be one of the world's largest city parks, covering 13 square kilometres.


A royal art complex, a national theatre, an opera house, art academies, museums, and galleries will all be part of the project. There will also be huge green areas, plazas, sports compounds


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