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Tesvolt Started the Construction of its Battery Storage Gigafactory in Germany

Last Updated on 12th April 2024

Tesvolt AG has started the construction of its new Gigafactory quarters situated in Lutherstadt Wittenberg with a groundbreaking ceremony. Planned with an annual production capacity of 4 GWh, this facility will become one of the largest battery gigafactories in Germany. Furthermore, it will be one of the largest production facilities for battery storage systems in Europe.



Tesvolt will invest approximately USD 32 million in the first construction phase, covering the production facility and a fully automated high-bay warehouse. Spanning nearly 6,000 square meters, the Tesvolt Gigafactory is set to commence operations in 2025.


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This endeavor signifies Tesvolt's significant contribution to the German battery market. The gigafactory is anticipated to generate over 400 employment opportunities. In its quest for CO2-neutral production, the Tesvolt German Gigafactory will integrate small wind turbines and a photovoltaic system. Heating energy for the new facility will be sourced from air heat pumps and heat recovery systems.


Dr. Reiner Haseloff, Minister-President of Saxony-Anhalt, expressed confidence that the Gigafactory will serve as a flagship project for the nation. He commended Tesvolt for blending a strong sense of responsibility with remarkable entrepreneurial innovation.


This development marks a pivotal milestone in the energy transition journey, not only for Germany but for all of Europe. It underscores the burgeoning market demand for commercial and industrial energy storage solutions and the growing emphasis on sustainable energy production.


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Objectives of the Project


The construction of the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Gigafactory by Tesvolt in Germany is a significant step forward in the energy sector. Several key objectives drive this project:

Boosting Production Capacity

One of the project's primary objectives is to increase Tesvolt's production capacity. The new factory, once operational, will have an annual production capacity of 4GWh or 80,000 storage systems. This increased capacity will enable Tesvolt to meet the growing demand for energy storage solutions.


Promoting Energy Independence

The gigafactory aims to contribute significantly towards European energy independence. By producing large-scale battery storage systems, Tesvolt can help reduce Europe's reliance on fossil fuels and imported energy. This project will play a pivotal role in the European battery storage market.


Advancing Technological Innovation

The gigafactory will serve as a hub for technological innovation. The production process will be characterized by a high degree of digitalization, with fully automated robots integrated into parts of the production process.


Strengthening Tesvolt's Market Position

The construction of the gigafactory will further strengthen Tesvolt's position as a leader in the energy storage solutions market. It will enable the company to meet the increasing demand for commercial and industrial energy storage solutions.


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