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Synergy Kicks off the Construction of One of The Largest BESS Project in Australia

Last Updated on 19th March 2024

Synergy started the construction of the Collie battery energy storage system, which will be one of the biggest grid-scale batteries in Australia. The BESS project will provide significant security to Western Australia's power system. By the end of 2025, the BESS project will be completed. Large-scale batteries provide long-term system stability and support the uptake of more renewables, with Synergy planning to build 3 gigawatt hours of storage by 2025.


Synergy Kicks off the Construction of one of The Largest BESS projects in Australia

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Project Location

CBESS is located in the town of Collie, just over 200km south-east of Perth. The project site is near the Collie Power Station on Boys Home Road. The site is approximately 2.5 km southwest of the Western Power-owned 330 kV Schotts Terminal on the South West Interconnected System (or SWIS), and, once constructed, the CBESS will connect to this terminal.


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Project Timeline







Project Announcement



Commencement of Construction



Expected Completion


Project Objectives


Synergy Kicks off the Construction of One of The Largest BESS projects in Australia


Decarbonization: The CBESS project aligns with the Western Australian State Government's decarbonization strategy, which aims to be delivered by 2030. The project forms part of Synergy's own decarbonization plan, replacing coal-fired power generation with renewable energy generation infrastructure and energy storage solutions.


Renewable Energy Generation: The CBESS project is one of the renewable energy generation infrastructure projects that will help improve system security and support increased renewable energy generation in the South West Interconnected System (SWIS).


Energy Storage: As part of Synergy's decarbonization program of works, the CBESS project will provide 64% of the new energy storage capacity that the WA Government announced in June 2022. The project aims to construct a battery energy storage system (BESS) and power conversion system with a nominal facility size of 500 / 2000 MWh in Collie.


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Project Capacity

The project, which will have a 500 MW/2000 MWH capacity, will be funded as part of the state government's commitment to expand battery storage throughout Western Australia.

Other BESS Projects

Synergy's BESS projects are already playing a critical role in meeting peak demand, with Kwinana BESS Stage One providing power to the South West Interconnected System since it was completed in May 2023. Kwinana BESS  Stage Two is under construction and is due to be completed in late 2024. Explore our Australian BESS database to learn more about the Kwinana BESS project.

Other Entities Involved

Collie-based earthworks and rehabilitation specialists Cardinal Contractors has been awarded the contract to complete site preparation earthworks for the battery facility, with up to 500 jobs expected to be created at the peak of construction.


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