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Masdar Arlington Energy Breaks Ground on Two BESS Projects as a Part of $1.27 Billion Investment

Last Updated on 27th February 2024

Masdar Arlington Energy, a subsidiary of Masdar, has broken ground at the sites of two new battery energy storage system (BESS) projects in the UK. The two BESS projects, in Rochdale and Stockport, will have a joint capacity of 55 MW. Masdar is investing USD 1.27 billion in UK BESS, targeting a pipeline of 3 GWh of projects.


Masdar Arlington Energy Breaks Ground on Two BESS Projects as a Part of $1.27 Billion Investment


The new BESS projects are being developed on previously industrialized sites, conforming to Masdar Arlington Energy’s strategy to house projects on land needing redevelopment and regeneration.


Masdar Chief Executive Officer Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi said: “The two BESS plants we are breaking ground on today underline the critical role energy storage will play in helping energy systems and infrastructure in the UK and across the globe to move away from carbon-intensive sources of power.”


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Masdar’s acquisition of UK-based Arlington Energy in October 2022 was a springboard for the company’s shift from investor to active developer and supporter of the UK's energy transition through BESS and offshore wind. In 2021, Masdar established its global headquarters for offshore wind in the UK, recruiting dedicated teams to oversee its BESS and global offshore wind businesses. 


To further learn more about the upcoming BESS projects in the UK, explore our UK BESS database.


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Focus Areas of the Investment

The USD 1.27 billion investment might be distributed over several years or projects, allowing Masdar to assess the success of each phase and adapt its strategy accordingly. Masdar's joint venture with Arlington Energy exemplifies their collaborative approach. They might utilize similar partnerships or acquisitions to leverage local expertise and expedite project development. Masdar is planning to develop 3 GWh of projects.


Focus areas:


Battery storage (BESS): Masdar's acquisition of Arlington Energy in October 2022 and the recent groundbreaking of two BESS projects highlight their commitment to this technology. They likely plan to allocate a significant portion of the investment towards developing, acquiring, or operating BESS projects across the UK. 


Offshore wind: Masdar established its global offshore wind headquarters in the UK in 2021, indicating its interest in this sector. Part of the investment might be directed towards offshore wind projects, potentially including development, construction, or partnerships in existing projects.


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Objectives of the BESS Project

Masdar Arlington Energy Breaks Ground on Two BESS Projects as a Part of $1.27 Billion Investment


Support the UK's transition to clean energy: By integrating more renewable energy sources like wind and solar, the project aims to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.


Enhance grid stability: Battery storage systems help address the intermittency of renewable energy sources by storing excess energy and releasing it during peak demand periods. This contributes to a more stable and reliable electricity grid.


Contribute to achieving net-zero emissions: The project aligns with the UAE's commitment to the UAE Consensus Statement, which aims to achieve global net-zero emissions by 2050. Masdar Arlington Energy contributes to this global goal by providing clean energy solutions.


What is the UAE consensus statement?
The UAE Consensus Statement, also known as the "UAE Consensus" or the "COP28 agreement," emerged from the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) held in Dubai in November 2023. This document outlines a global pathway towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, aiming to keep global warming below the critical 1.5°C threshold stipulated in the Paris Agreement.


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