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Sony Announces Semiconductor Fab Expansion in Thailand

Last Updated on 01st April 2024

Sony Semiconductor Solution plans to expand semiconductor production facilities in Thailand, creating approximately 2,000 new jobs. This expansion will contribute to local employment and bolster the semiconductor industry in Thailand. The new facility, known as Building 4 is situated within the premises of Sony Device Technology, which handles semiconductor assembly. The expansion will play a vital role in the Asia-Pacific semiconductor industry.


Sony Announces New Semiconductor Fab Expansion in Thailand

Building 4-Thailand


Takeshi Matsuda, Managing Director of Sony Device Technology (SDT) Thailand, expressed his satisfaction with the commencement of operations at Building 4. He emphasized the potential for expanding the product line-up to serve a growing market over the medium to long term. Matsuda highlighted SDT's role as an overseas manufacturing site within the Sony Semiconductor Solutions Group, contributing to both the sustainable evolution of Sony's business and society.


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Moreover, SDT has been operating its facilities on 100% renewable energy since the fiscal year 2021. In Building 4's clean room, the air conditioning system ensures cleanliness, temperature, and humidity control in targeted areas. Additionally, recycling technology for waste heat and hot water has been integrated.


Furthermore, SDT intends to complete the installation of solar panels on Building 4's roof by the end of 2024. By accelerating initiatives to reduce energy consumption and adopting renewable energy sources, SDT aims to maintain its reliance on 100% renewable energy even after Building 4 reaches full operation.


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Details About Building 4 Semiconductor Facility

Start of Cleanroom Operation

January 2024

Total Floor Area

66,370 square meters

Clean Room Area 

26,400 square meters (planned)


Image sensors for automotive applications,

Display devices, Laser diodes


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Project Objectives

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation has recently announced the commencement of operations at its new semiconductor fabrication facility, referred to as "Building 4", in Thailand. This expansion aims to achieve several key objectives:


Boost Production: The new fab will be utilized for the assembly of image sensors for automotive applications and display devices, as well as the mass production of laser diodes for data center applications. This expansion is in line with the growing demand for these products.


Job Creation: The expansion is expected to create approximately 2,000 new jobs, thereby contributing to local employment. This move not only boosts Sony's production capabilities but also positively impacts the local economy.


Industry Expansion: By creating new jobs and expanding its production facilities, Sony aims to contribute to the growth of the semiconductor industry in Thailand.


Sustainability: SDT has been operating its facilities on 100% renewable energy since the fiscal year 2021. With the new expansion, SDT plans to continue this trend by covering the roof area of Building 4 with solar panels. This initiative aligns with Sony's commitment to environmental sustainability.


Market Expansion: The Managing Director of Sony Device Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Takeshi Matsuda, expressed his pleasure after Building 4 and the ability to deliver to more customers a product line-up whose market is expected to expand over the medium to long term.


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