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Retired Coal-Fired Plant In New Mexico To Be Reborn As Hydrogen-Fired Power Facility

Last Updated on 08th January 2024

Newpoint gas LLC and Brooks Energy Company announced Escalante H2 Power which intends to repurpose a retired coal-fired power plant (CFPP) in New Mexico into a zero-emission hydrogen fired power facility.


By converting the retired coal-fired power plant to a hydrogen fired power facility, Escalante H2 Power achieves the following

  • Net-zero emissions dispatchable power.
  • Providing employment opportunities in cutting-edge hydrogen energy technology.
  • The ability to supply commercial scale clean-fresh water produced by the combustion of hydrogen.


Escalante H2 Power has signed a letter of intent with Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association to purchase their now retired 253MW Escalante Generating Station in Prewitt, New Mexico.


Newpoint has entered into an agreement which licenses its patent-pending, operationally integrated, zero-emission modular design technology to Escalante H2 Power. Newpoint's process incorporates a steam methane reformer with hydrogen purification to separate the hydrogen and carbon dioxide pre-combustion. The carbon is sequestered underground, and the pure hydrogen is used as fuel to produce steam and generate power.


President of Brooks Energy and Co-founder of eH2Power, Robert Price, said "The Escalante Hydrogen Project is thoroughly designed with the goals to provide clean reliable power and an additional focus on empowering local New Mexico communities."

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