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Egypt Invests LE 3.4 Billion in the New Beni Suef

Last Updated on 08th January 2024

According to Assem El-Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities, total investments into various sectors in the new city of Beni Suef have reached LE 3.425 billion.


This was due to a surge in infrastructure and service developments to satisfy the demands of future expansions as the city's overall area increased to around 25 thousand acres.


The minister said in a statement on Tuesday that the current fiscal year's budget for the city of 2022/2021 is LE 222.82 million, which will be used to develop and improve the sewage system and road network, as part of the state's objective to achieve targeted development for our people in Upper Egypt.


Essam Badawy, the head of the New Beni Suef City Development Authority, explained that total investments in the drinking water sector totaled LE 377 million, and included a water outlet for the permanent water station with a capacity of 104 thousand m3, tanks and water networks from various regions, as well as the design of the water facility's works.


According to Badawy, the sewage sector has a total investment of LE 640 million, which includes a dual treatment plant with a capacity of 26,000 m3/day, lift stations, and sewage networks in residential neighborhoods and other regions.


The overall investments in the road sector, according to Essam Badawy, totaled LE 615 million, with the goal of building a major and minor road network in the city with a total length of 6 kilometers (233 km. I). It entails the construction of two main city gateways on the eastern and western sides, as well as the coordination of islands and facades in front of residential structures.


The total investments in the electricity sector, according to the agency's head, totaled LE 597 million, and included a power transformer station to feed the city in Beni Suef (east), 12 electricity distributors in various residential neighborhoods, main and subsidiary electricity networks in residential neighborhoods and some areas, regional road lighting networks, and more.


“In the telecommunications sector, the total investments recorded LE 87 million, as the technology village was fed with communications, a central operation of 20,000 lines, a main and subsidiary communications network in some residential neighborhoods and other areas, and the implementation of the communications network for the fourth district and the social housing 4 area was underway, and the extension of the city center area of ​​​​distinguished housing,” he continued.


He stated that total investments in the agricultural sector amounted to around LE 49 million, with a total area of green areas and irrigation networks of around 110 acres. The islands in front of Ebni Baytak 1, the second residential district, the city's main highways, and the third residential district are being cultivated, coordinated, and completed.


The agency's head stated that investments in the housing industry totaled LE 791 million, with 51,549 housing units being built, including units built by the New Urban Communities Authority, private initiatives, and individuals.


The head of the agency stated that total investments in the services sector amounted to LE 269 million, with 113 different service buildings (schools, colleges, universities, health units, hospitals, nurseries, youth centers, playgrounds, police department, firefighting units, Mosques, churches, post offices, commercial markets and malls) and so on.


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