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Construction of automated tank bay at Odfjell Terminal Houston to begin

Last Updated on 08th January 2024

Odfjell Terminal Houston (OTH) in Texas has announced the construction of a new, contemporary, automated tank bay. The new project, dubbed Bay 13, will increase OTH's capacity by almost 9% to 413,400m3.


Bay 13 is scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2022 and will be fully operational by the end of 2023. An existing credit facility will cover the entire cost of the project.


Odfjell Terminals Houston (OTH) is owned by Odfjell Terminals US, a joint venture between Odfjell and Northleaf Capital Partners, with Odfjell owning 51 percent and Northleaf Capital Partners owning 49 percent. This project is part of OTH's goal to meet the growing need for storage capacity in the specialty/petrochemical industry along the Gulf Coast of the United States. 


Bulk chemical exports are predicted to expand by 2.3 million metric tonnes in the US Gulf by 2024, while import volumes are expected to climb by 389,000 metric tonnes by 2030. Bay 13 will have nine new tanks with a total capacity of 32,400m3 and will be composed of a mix of stainless steel and carbon steel.


The new tanks will allow OTH to transfer products for existing customers while also allowing it to expand its storage capacity to accommodate new customers and products. Because the tank bay will be automated, there will be less manual intervention.


In addition, the current Digital Transformation Program, which includes a modern ERP system and automated control systems, will benefit Bay 13.


OTH is a storage, transfer, and distribution company that serves the liquid bulk chemical industry. It now contains 119 tanks, two deep water ship docks, four barge berths, and one of the world's largest stainless steel storage capacities. It is positioned near the Houston ship channel's entrance and serves as an international hub for chemical import and export into and out of the United States.


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