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Australian Government Commits AUD 275.5 Million For Hydrogen Hubs

Last Updated on 08th January 2024

The Australian Government will invest an additional AUD 275.5 million in new "clean" hydrogen projects. The funding comes from the Australian Government's 2021/2022 budget, which it announced last week.


The AUD 275.5 million earmarked for hydrogen includes money to implement a clean hydrogen certification scheme, which was welcomed with open arms by the Australian Hydrogen Council.

This excess funding will be used to develop four more hydrogen production hubs in regional Australia. Potential locations for these regional hydrogen hubs are:-

  • the Latrobe Valley (Victoria)
  • Darwin (Northern Territory)
  • Pilbara (Western Australia)
  • Gladstone (Queensland)
  • Hunter Valley (New South Wales)
  • Bell Bay (Tasmania)
  • Eyre Peninsula (South Australia).


With the hydrogen funding announcement, the Government will invest UD 263.7 million to support the development of carbon capture. The hydrogen funding will be allocated over five years, and the funding for carbon capture will be given over a decade.


Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister of Australia, said, "It is essential we position Australia to succeed by investing now in the technologies that will support our industries into the future, with lower emissions energy that can support Australian jobs."


The extra federal funding comes as Australia's states and territories are aggressively funding hydrogen projects in an attempt to make Australia a key player in the global hydrogen export market by 2030.


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