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Aramco sets Bid Submission Deadline to December 5, 2021 After Cancellation Of Initial Tender

Last Updated on 08th January 2024

The projected independent steam and power producer (ISPP) project has a bid submission deadline of December 5, 2021, according to Saudi Aramco. Saudi Aramco has planned to retender the project after cancelling the initial tender in December 2020.


The tender is believed to have been offered to roughly five groups, according to sources close to the initiative. The project will be constructed using a public-private partnership (PPP) model, with the winning developer signing power and steam offtake agreements.


By April 2022, the energy firm plans to name a preferred bidder and award the contract in July 2022.


Although the project's capacity is nearly comparable to that of the previous tender, the estimated commissioning dates for the two phases of steam production have been pushed back.


The electricity generation capacity of the cogeneration plans is estimated to be between 270 and 320 MW.


The development of the Jafurah gas field is part of Aramco's $3.2 billion unconventional resources program, which intends to extract shale gas in three parts of the country.


As demand for power grows in the residential and industrial sectors, Riyadh is working to guarantee the monarchy remains self-sufficient in gas supplies, as outlined in the Vision 2030 masterplan.


The project is expected to process a demand of 140 thousand pounds per hour (klb/hr) by 2024 and 373 Klb/hr by 2028 for low-pressure (LP) steam capacity. The scheme's goal for high pressure (HP) steam capacity is to process 112 Klb/hr by 2024 and 321 Klb/hr by 2028.


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