List of Top 5 Construction Companies in Denmark

Last Updated on 12th September 2023

The construction industry in Denmark plays a pivotal role in shaping the country's physical landscape, economic growth, and sustainability efforts. With a focus on modernization, urban development, and infrastructure enhancement, the industry is a cornerstone of Denmark's progress.


Residential construction remains a key driver, as the nation experiences population growth and urbanization. Efforts are directed towards creating sustainable housing solutions that cater to diverse needs while adhering to stringent environmental standards. Similarly, commercial and industrial construction projects contribute to Denmark's business infrastructure, attracting international investment and bolstering economic activity.


Denmark's commitment to sustainable practices is evident in its construction ethos. The industry places great emphasis on green building technologies, energy efficiency, and eco-friendly materials. This commitment aligns with Denmark's broader efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and combat climate change.


Technological innovation also characterizes the industry's landscape. From Building Information Modeling (BIM) to advanced construction automation, Denmark is leveraging cutting-edge tools to enhance project efficiency, minimize risks, and ensure high-quality outcomes. Moreover, the embrace of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) reflects Denmark's innovative approach to funding and executing major infrastructure initiatives.


List of top 5 construction (EPC) companies in Denmark




2022 Annual Revenue

(Million EUR)

Market Cap (Million EUR)

No of Employees


Aarsleff Holding A/S



(18118 DKK Mn)




Ramboll A/S



(16000 DKK Mn)




MT Højgaard Holding A/S



(8654 DKK Mn)




HusCompagniet A/S



(4330 DKK Mn)









Aarsleff Group

The Aarsleff Group is positioned as a contracting group with multiple specialized business units. The group collaborates cohesively under a unified strategy and common objective to deliver high-quality infrastructure projects and edifices. It focuses on generating societal value while emphasizing sustainability.


Aarsleff Project


With an annual revenue exceeding DKK 18 billion, the Aarsleff Group's foreign operations contribute a significant one-third of this revenue. Their project portfolio encompasses domains such as infrastructure, climate adaptation, environmental initiatives, energy ventures, and construction endeavors. 


Operating on an international scale, the group assumes a market-leading role in Denmark and the Northern European countries where their expert services are extended, particularly in the fields of pipe renewal and ground engineering. The group places special emphasis on harnessing digital tools to cultivate more adaptable modes of collaboration, enhance efficiency within construction processes, and curtail costs.


Aarsleff's organizational culture is intrinsically aligned with generating value through developmental strides, transitions, and innovative undertakings. They are firmly committed to assuming responsibility and actively contributing to sustainable development and inventive projects that augment their business while also yielding benefits for the environment, climate, and society at large.


Ramboll A/S

Ramboll A/S is a renowned Danish engineering, design, and consultancy company with a global presence. Founded in 1945, Ramboll has grown to become a significant player in various sectors, offering a diverse range of services and solutions. 

Over the years, it has evolved into a multidisciplinary EPC firm with an international footprint with expertise in the following disciplines:

  • Engineering and Design: The company's engineering expertise spans civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and environmental engineering, contributing to projects ranging from buildings to infrastructure.
  • Consultancy: Ramboll provides consultancy services in various sectors, including management consulting, strategy, and organizational development.
  • Environment and Health: The company's environmental specialists work on projects related to environmental impact assessment, pollution control, and sustainable practices.
  • Energy and Climate: Ramboll is active in the energy sector, focusing on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and climate adaptation.
  • Architecture: The firm's architects are involved in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces, often with an emphasis on sustainability.


Ramboll has established a global presence, with offices in numerous countries around the world. This international reach allows the company to provide solutions tailored to different cultural and regulatory contexts.


MT Højgaard Holding Group

The MT Højgaard Holding Group holds a prominent position within the construction, civil engineering, and infrastructure sectors, serving clients from both the private and public spheres in Denmark and specific global markets.


Operating as independent entities, the MT Group's individual companies each occupy leading roles within their distinct sub-markets. Danish and international ventures are primarily executed through main contracts, design-build agreements, or Public-Private Partnerships. The companies exhibit a dedicated commitment to delivering sustainable solutions across the entire lifecycle of structures, encompassing economic, environmental, and social dimensions.


The Group's member companies partake in the development, construction, and revitalization of buildings, engaging in main contracts, design-build arrangements, subcontracts, as well as modular constructions. Their clientele spans private and public entities, organizations, and housing associations. Throughout these endeavors, an emphasis is placed on fostering sustainable solutions and cultivating close collaborations.


The Group's companies are equally adept at undertaking a spectrum of projects, including infrastructure initiatives, earthworks and piling, marine construction, site development, and shell construction. These undertakings are conducted both within Denmark and within targeted international markets.


HusCompagniet A/S

HusCompagniet holds a prominent position as a premier provider of single-family detached houses within Denmark. The core focus of the company centers on orchestrating the entire customer journey – spanning from the initial spark of inspiration, through the design phase, and sales, and ultimately culminating in the delivery of customizable, high-quality detached residences to Danish consumers. These residences are expertly constructed on-site, situated upon land owned by the customers themselves.


In addition to detached houses, HusCompagniet extends its expertise to the design, sale, and delivery of semi-detached houses within Denmark. This inclusive approach caters to both individual consumers and professional investors. The latter category encompasses those who opt to lease or sell the houses to eventual end-users.


One of the hallmarks of HusCompagniet's operations is its asset-light business model. This strategic framework involves the outsourcing of a substantial portion of construction activities to dedicated subcontractors. Such an approach enhances the company's agility and versatility, translating into a flexible cost structure that can readily adapt to varying demands and conditions.


Scandinavian Energy Contractor S/A

SEC S/A is a Danish engineering, procurement, and construction company based in Allerød.  The Danish EPC company specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of power plants.

SEC Project


SEC has a strong track record of delivering complex projects without cost overruns and exceeding time during its journey of installing more than 4,000 MW of power in over 70 countries.


The scope of their business activities encompasses the comprehensive lifecycle of power plants, ensuring seamless functionality and operational excellence. This involves the design and meticulous engineering of power plants, and creating tailored solutions that optimize efficiency and performance. 


Moreover, SEC undertakes the installation of power plant equipment with precision, facilitating the seamless integration of essential components. Ensuring the effectiveness of their installations, the company is also adept at the commissioning and rigorous testing of power plants, guaranteeing their readiness for optimal output.


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