8 Tips for Better Networking in Construction Industry

Published on 17th December 2021

Schedules are becoming tighter in the competitive construction industry, and the workers are getting busier than ever. And all construction companies are striving hard to expand their businesses.


Building a solid network is always one of the most effective ways to grow your construction business. And it’s easier than you might think!


Given below are eight practical tips to quickly widen your network.

  • Attend Industry Events
  • Be Part of a Construction Community
  • Be Active in Trade Associations
  • Make Best Use of Social Media Platforms
  • Share Your Story
  • Network at Job Sites
  • Business Cards
  • Anytime, Anywhere! Be open to relations!


Attend Industry Events

Attending construction events will shower you with opportunities. In networking events like these, you can meet new people from various segments of the industry. The attendees may be construction managers, business owners, or industry leaders. And, interactions with multiple construction professionals open new doors (for both you and them!).


Besides meeting many potential customers, a networking event will also increase your knowledge. You can learn new techniques, research insights, critical skills, and even get the latest data and breakthrough ideas.


There are a lot of industry events happening these days. Trade organizations conduct their own conferences too. Also, you can grab many of these networking opportunities via your own mobile device. You can even watch them later! So cool, right?


Do attend as many industry events as possible!


Be Part of a Construction Community

Human beings are social creatures. We are emotional and sometimes need help to sort out our troubles. Here’s where a community comes into play. People gather together to share their experiences and troubles in a construction community. Having someone present to hear can ease one’s troubles to an extent. 


The communities are there for every construction work from builders to building owners. The community aids in building transparency and understanding between the individuals. And can trigger new ideas through unexpected discussions.


But keep in mind that the community is only as good as the individuals. So, make sure your circle is as ambitious and competitive as you are!


Be active in Trade Associations

Attending trade associations is one of the best practices to boost your productivity. Getting to know what’s happening around staying updated is an essential skill in every industry. 


But not just your productivity, but the rate of your networking will also be boosted. Joining a trade association would be the first step. There are many organizations you can join, such as the American Institute of Constructors (AIC), Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), Builders Association of India (BAI), and The British Constructional Steelwork Association (BCSA).


Do join any of the various associations that suit you and build relationships!


Make Best Use of Social Media Platforms

The benefits of being active on social media platforms are as plain as day. It’s an effective way of communicating with the masses about your construction project. Every person who checks your construction firm could be a potential customer!


The most common social media platforms are Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. But there are many other platforms too. So, don’t limit yourself to just these three.


Another important thing to keep in mind is that you should be aware of your audience. You have to address according to your audience. Use relevant ads and create content that will flow through the social media conduit. Not every person in the group needs to be a potential client. But, they could be if you’ve got a great relationship with them.


Share Your Story

Now, sharing your stories may not look like a great idea. But it is highly effective, although indirectly.


By sharing your feelings, experiences, and thoughts, you are creating an atmosphere of transparency and visibility in society. Your listeners may or may not be interested in collaboration with your construction project. But, you will be remembered in their mind as an honest and respectable person. So that when a project comes to them, they might suggest you as the “right person”.


In this way, you can increase the list of your connections and expand your network! 


Network at Job Sites

Networking at a job site will increase the chances of meeting construction managers and general contractors.


You can see various other construction professionals at a construction site like architects, architectural technologists, civil engineers, consultants, site managers, surveyors, and so on. A job site is also a great place to find professionals with unique skills in works such as painting, crane operating, glazing, surveying, etc.


Networking is an easy way to land more project leads. It is quick and easy. All you need to do is let your presence known at the site. So, if you get some spare time, go check the nearest job site!


Business Cards

Now, this one may sound obvious. But many people overlook these pocket-sized lead generators.


A business card is easy to share and keep. It usually gives your contact details and basic work details. 


But make sure you spend enough time creating an attractive business card. Beauty isn’t enough. Double-check that you have written your contact details correctly.


Now, don’t forget to share your business card when you see prospective clients!


Anytime, Anywhere! Be Open to Relations!

You might land your most significant lead after hours of discussion. But, sometimes it will be coming from a one minute talk. So, be ready for every opportunity and keep a calm, open mind.


Whenever you get the chance to interact with a construction professional, do so! Make sure that you ask for their contact details and share your business card with them. 


After all, we are gregarious beings. A little more friendship won’t do any harm! Also, you needn’t always talk about business. It’s best if you can discuss related topics such as architecture, infrastructure, interior design, or any other, for that matter.


So, make it a habit to indulge in conversations with people you barely know! Remember, communication is a powerful tool! 


Concluding Remarks

Networking is vital. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are at your job; it’s difficult to go far without people to support you. On the contrary, as you expand your network, you can witness your business booming at an alarming rate.


So, make use of these tips and build your enterprise!

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