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EGA plans to develop the UAE's first and largest aluminum recycling factory

Last Updated on 08th January 2024

Emirates Global Aluminium intends to construct a 150,000-tonne-per-year aluminum recycling facility, which will be the company's first and the UAE's largest.


EGA announced in a statement on Wednesday that it plans to commercialize recycled aluminum under the brand name "EternAL."


According to EGA, the facility will convert post-consumer aluminum scrap, such as discarded window frames, and pre-consumer aluminum scrap from extrusion production into low-carbon, high-quality aluminum billets.


The recycling facility's aluminum scrap will primarily come from the UAE and the surrounding region. According to the statement, more than half of the aluminum scrap created in the GCC is currently disposed of or exported.


The project is now undergoing feasibility assessments. The business stated that production ramp-up might begin as early as 2024.


Recycling aluminum uses a fraction of the energy required to manufacture new primary aluminum, resulting in much lower greenhouse gas emissions per tonne of output.


According to the International Aluminium Institute, recycled aluminum will account for up to 60% of global aluminum supply by 2050.


"End-users of aluminium – from auto manufacturers to beverage makers – are increasingly committing to net zero in response to the expectations of society. This, our first recycling facility at EGA to produce EternAL, is one of the steps we plan to take to provide low carbon metal for our customers around the world,” - Abdulnasser Bin Kalban, Chief Executive Officer of Emirates Global Aluminium.


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