Top Ten Photovoltaic Power Stations in the World

Published on 11th September 2019


Tengger Desert Solar park

Installed Capacity - 1,547 MW
Location - Zhongwei, Ningxia, China
Commission Date - 2016

It is by far the largest solar power plant in the world right now and is known as “The Great Wall Of Solar” in China. The area of the solar field is 1,200 km2 in 36,700 km2 desert area (3% of the desert area is covered with solar panels). 

Bhadla solar park

Installed Capacity - 1,515 MW
Location - Rajasthan, India
Commission Date - Feb 2017

Bhadla Solar Park is one of the largest solar parks in India, which is spread over a total area of 10,000 acres (40 km2). The park will have an ultimate capacity of 2,255 MW, and is developed in 4 phases, owned by National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) and developed by multiple developers (Fortum Finnsurya Energy, Rising Sun Energy Pvt Ltd, Solairedirect, Yarrow Infrastructure).

Pavagada Solar Park

Installed Capacity - 1,400 MW
Location - Karnataka, India
Commission Date - March 2018



Pavagada Solar Park becomes the worlds largest with 2,050 MW by Dec 2019, 1400 MW are operational and 650 MW are under construction. The total investment required to build 2 GW of capacity was estimated at 14,800 crores (US$2.1 billion).

Sweihan Solar Project

Installed Capacity - 1,177 MW
Location - Sweihan, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Commission Date - July 2019 (Fully commisioned)

The Sweihan photovoltaic IPP was initially proposed to be a 350MW project, but the capacity has been increased to 1,177MW due to the availability of additional land.

Kurnool Ultra mega solar park

Installed Capacity - 1,000 MW
Location - Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh
Commission Date - March 2017


The project was implemented by the Andhra Pradesh Solar Power Corporation Private Limited (APSPCL), a joint venture of the (SEC) Solar Energy Corporation of India, (APPGC) Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation and the New & Renewable Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Ltd, the park is spread over a total area of 5,932.32 acres (24.0072 km2) in the Gani and Sakunala villages of Kurnool district and utilizes over 4 million solar panels with capacities of 315 and 320 Watts.

Datong Solar Base

Installed Capacity - 1,000 MW
Location - Datong, China
Commission Date -  2016

Datong solar park is being developed in 3 phases with phase 1 developed in 2016, which has a capacity of 1 GW, the park has the potential to be the largest solar plant in the world once completed. Datong generated a total of 870 million watts of electricity from 2016 to  2017, which is equivalent to more than 120 million watts per month of power generation.

Longyangxia Dam

Installed Capacity - 850 MW
Location - Qinghai, China
Commission Date - 2015

The Longyangxia Dam Solar Park is in the city of Cixi in eastern Zhejiang province. The farm is expected to generate 220-gigawatt hours of electricity a year with 4 million panels developed by China Power Investment. The country invested $103 billion into renewables in 2015.

Vilanueva solar park 

Installed Capacity - 828 MW
Location - Coahiula, Mexico
Commission Date - 2018

Villanueva is the largest solar plant of the Americas and Enel’s most extensive solar project in the world, which has now been extended to 828MW capacity from its original 754MW located in the municipality of Viesca, in the State of Coahuila.

Yanchi solar park

Installed Capacity - 820 MW
Location - Yanchi District, Ningxia, China
Commission Date - 2016

Located in the south of Gaoshawo, Yanchi District, Ningxia. The output power of its 1 GW P solar array is about 820 MW which is developed by 
Minsheng New Energy

Rewa Ultra Mega Solar

Installed Capacity - 750 MW
Location - Madhya Pradesh, India
Commission Date - 2016

Rewa Ultra Mega Solar is an operational solar park spread over an area of 1,590 acres in the Gurh tehsil of Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh. It is a joint venture of Government of Madhya Pradesh owned MPUVNL and Government of India owned SECI

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