10 Best Road Construction Safety Tips

Published on 24th December 2021

Transportation is vital. Without it, the global economy would collapse. And roadways are the primary domestic means of transportation. This is the reason we should take roadwork seriously. But every year, road workers risk their lives to construct a means of transport. And if not careful, they’re prone to terrible casualties. 


Learn more about 10 roadworks safety tips for workers:


  1. Awareness of Surroundings
  2. Identify Potential Hazards
  3. Wear Proper Safety Equipment
  4. Proper Traffic Control
  5. Stay Hydrated
  6. Have a Site Safety Program
  7. Avoid Blind Spots
  8. Use Communication Signals
  9. Designate a Job Site Safety Officer
  10. Catalog Work Areas


1) Awareness of Surroundings


Now, it may sound obvious. But it is crucial nevertheless. Construction zones are already dangerous places. Imagine the ones on the road!


Before starting road construction work, it is mandatory to know the surrounding areas. The landscape, climate, fauna, and surrounding buildings are a few things you should be aware of before the construction.


During the construction, it is important not to walk behind stopped vehicles. Also, it would be a good idea always to face the traffic. This helps give the workers an idea about the surroundings without even being aware of it.


Finally, spotters are great additions to the road construction team.


2) Identify Potential Hazards


Identifying all potential hazards in the work zone can minimize their occurrence. These include oncoming traffic, power lines, and pedestrian walkways.


Also, check out for potential troubles from the surrounding areas of the road. For instance, animals crossing the road, or if it’s winter, snow rolling down to the road.


Furthermore, make sure the construction workers know how to use the construction equipment.


Prevention is better than cure, right?


3) Wear Proper Safety Equipment


Wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a must for construction safety. It includes hard hats, goggles, gloves, boots, and hearing protection. 


Also, road construction workers must wear highly visible clothes, in shiny orange or yellow color. These fluorescent clothes are especially important at night times when the visibility is low.


Every road construction worker must always wear PPE during construction.


4) Proper Traffic Control


Accidents are not strangers to road construction sites. Honestly, how many people do you think follow every traffic sign and rule? 


Traffic control is a critical step in any road construction. One reckless driver is enough to ruin a day. So, why take the risk?


Mark the construction zone with barriers and traffic cones. Also, make sure to use light-colored traffic cones. Also, put warning signs well before the road work zone. It’ll notify the road user to be careful.


Finally, make sure you go through the traffic documents issued by your government. For instance, if you’re from the U.S., go through the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) issued by the Federal Highway Administration of the United States.


5) Stay Hydrated


Roads are often open areas with little shade. So, the chance of getting dehydrated is very high.  


The site should have adequate rehydration facilities like water, juice, and energy drinks as part of road construction safety. If the day is too sunny, avoid extreme heat to minimize heat strokes and exhaustion. 


Make sure that workers drink water each hour as a rule of thumb.


6) Have a Site Safety Program


Having a site safety program is one of the crucial site safety measures for contractors. Construction safety can be increased by making the workers aware of the potential dangers. Occupational safety training should be given to all workers.


Also, a site safety program brings in a feeling of a community and strengthens the solidarity between the workers. This will go a long way than just safety improvement.


Lastly, the construction workers should also be well-versed in emergency procedures, just in case.


7) Avoid Blind Spots


Blind spots are common for drivers as well as workers. So, is a work zone crash really a matter of chance? 


Not really. With excellent traffic management, one could nullify occurrences of these unpleasant scenarios.


 Mobile equipment and construction vehicles can create blind spots. Make sure that each construction vehicle is appropriately placed and isn’t blocking the sight of the road from any angle.


To further ensure work zone safety, attach mirrors, proper lights, and other visual aid devices.


8) Use Communication Signals


Proper communication is one of the easiest ways to keep things flowing smoothly. It also ensures road safety.


Also, ensure that all the workers are familiar with signals used in the construction job site.


Road construction jobs on busy main roads are hazardous. The workers can communicate efficiently with the aid of easy hand signals.


Use separate, specific signals for operating the machinery on the site. In this way, unwanted accidents can be avoided.


9) Catalog Work Areas


Road construction zones are active places with many things going on. They are busy with workers, construction vehicles, other tools, and the oncoming traffic. In short, it is messy.


You can classify different works and specify their areas to tidy them up. It can be done with barriers, barrels, and cones. A barricade is the best solution to slow down the traffic apart from the early warning signs. 


So, make sure your road construction site is neat and cataloged.


10) Hire a Job Site Safety Officer


A construction job site safety officer overlooks the safety aspects of the site. The job site safety officer must be highly responsible and a qualified professional. 


The officer should identify potential hazards and eliminate them quickly. Also, a safety officer is the one to whom the workers should report all the safety concerns on the job site.


Furthermore, the safety officer should decide on appropriate PPE equipment for different jobs within the site.


The full-time attention of the job site safety officer will minimize accidents and improve workers' safety. 



Construction on roads should be done with excellent care. Any defect in the final road condition will result in significant accidents. Also, since roads are always in need, the construction works should be completed quickly.


So, make sure that you follow all these tips and work safely!

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