Top 15 Solar PV Panel Manufacturers in India [2023]

Last Updated on 06th September 2023

Also known as a “solar module,” a solar PV (photovoltaic) module consists of solar cells, which convert solar or photonic energy into electrical energy. Furthermore, a group of solar modules arranged for solar energy production is referred to as a “solar panel,” whose power is expressed in Watt peak (Wp).


Monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell/Contact) are the main types of solar modules.


Solar PV modules are used for various applications, such as:

  • Large-scale utility systems (On-grid)
  • Net metering solutions
  • Residential systems (Off-grid)
  • Rooftop residential and commercial systems (On-grid)
  • Rural electrification
  • Solar EV charging stations
  • Solar farms
  • Solar HLSs (Home Lighting Systems)                                                               
  • Solar lanterns
  • Solar pumps
  • Solar street lights
  • Solar traffic signals
  • Solar water heaters


Several domestic manufacturers are transforming the Indian solar industry with precision-engineered and performance-focused solar products.


Continue reading to learn more about the top Indian solar energy companies.


Table of Contents

Top 15 Solar Panel Manufacturers in India [2023]

Adani Solar

AXITEC Energy India Pvt. Ltd.

Emmvee Photovoltaic Power Private Limited

Goldi Solar Pvt. Ltd.

Insolation Energy Ltd.

Jakson Solar

Navitas Green Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Pixon Energy Ltd.

Premier Energies Limited

RenewSys India Pvt. Ltd.

Saatvik Green Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Sova Solar Ltd.

Tata Power Solar Systems Limited

Vikram Solar Ltd.

Waaree Energies Ltd.

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Wrapping Up


Top 15 Solar Panel Manufacturers in India [2023]

Here are India’s leading solar panel manufacturers (listed alphabetically):


Adani Solar

Founded: 2015

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


Adani Solar is the solar PV manufacturing arm of the Adani Group—a leading integrated business conglomerate comprising 7 publicly traded companies.


According to an industry news source, Adani Solar is “India’s largest vertically integrated cell and module manufacturer.”


The source further states that Adani Solar has the unique distinction of winning the top performer rating in PV Evolution Labs’ (PVEL) PV Module Reliability Scorecard 2023 for six consecutive years, from 2018 to 2023, bypassing its PQP (Product Qualification Program) testing procedure.


Adani Solar manufactures high-efficiency mono PERC and bifacial PV modules at its fully automated, state-of-the-art manufacturing lines.


Adani Solar’s product portfolio includes:


Eternal – Mono PERC: The Eternal monofacial modules are ideal for large-scale and rooftop PV installations.

  • Eternal – Pride Series 132 Cell
  • Eternal – Shine Series 144 Cell


Elan – Bifacial: The Elan bifacial modules are known for the lowest LCOE and highest IRR.

  • Elan – Pride Series 132 Cell
  • Elan – Shine Series 144 Cell


Here are the key features of Adani Solar’s PV modules:

  • Ability to withstand humidity, pressure, climates, and temperatures over 25 years
  • Better reliability against microcracks
  • Certified to withstand high snow and wind loads
  • Excellent low-light irradiance performance and PID resistance
  • Higher performance at longer wavelengths of light
  • Higher power output 
  • Higher specific energy yield due to superior cell and module engineering
  • Least degradation for LID (Light-induced Degradation) and LETID (Light-and-Elevated Temperature-induced Degradation) with Ga (Gallium)-doped wafer
  • Lower LCOE
  • Reduced BOS
  • Reduced installation, transport, and land area costs
  • Resistant to ammonia, mist, sand, salt, and dust abrasion
  • Superior temperature co-efficient and performance at NOCT (Nominal Operating Cell Temperature)
  • Triple EL checking for defect-free modules


AXITEC Energy India Pvt. Ltd.

Founded: 2018

Location: New Delhi, India


AXITEC Energy India Pvt. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of AXITEC Energy GmbH & Co. KG (AXITEC)—one of the most established global manufacturers of energy storage systems, EV chargers, and solar modules.  


AXITEC solar modules have been installed in 89 countries. The company has extensive experience in managing the complete process chain—from development, manufacturing, and quality assurance to sales and service.


The German brand AXITEC is synonymous with high-performance solar modules, including:


AXIpremium HC 370-555 Wp (Monocrystalline solar modules): Due to a lower cell resistance, these solar modules deliver better performance than full-cell solar modules.

  • AXIpremium XXL HC BLK (108 half-cell – 400-415 Wp)
  • AXIpremium XL HC (120 half-cell – 360-380 Wp)
  • AXIpremium XXL HC (144 half-cell – 530-555 Wp)


AXIblackpremium/AXIblackperfect 400-425 Wp: These solar modules match the black exterior design with high power output.

  • AXIblackpremium XXL HC (108 half-cell monocrystalline solar module – 400-410 Wp)
  • AXIblackperfect FXXL (108 half-cell N-Type TOPCon solar module – 400-425 Wp)


AXIperfect 415-430 Wp: This solar module is suitable for home and business applications.

  • AXIperfect FXXL WB (108 half-cell monocrystalline TOPCon solar module – 415-430 Wp)


AXI(bi)protect HC 390-415 Wp: These glass-glass solar modules with monocrystalline (bifacial) half-cut cells are especially suitable for extreme climatic conditions.

  • AXIprotect XXL HC MB (108 half-cell glass/glass monocrystalline solar module – 390-400 Wp)
  • AXIbiprotect XXL HC BLK (108 half-cell glass/glass bifacial monocrystalline solar module – 390-415 Wp)


AXIbipremium HC 560-670 Wp: This bifacial solar module is ideal for ground-mounted and tracker installations.

  • AXIbipremium XQ HC MT (132 half-cell bifacial monocrystalline solar module – 650-670 Wp)


Emmvee Photovoltaic Power Private Limited

Founded: 2007

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


Emmvee Photovoltaic Power Private Limited (also known as “Emmvee”) is a trusted name in the solar energy industry known for manufacturing high-performance PV modules and systems, solar water heaters, and other industrial products. In addition, Emmvee has expertise in developing large-scale projects and EPC in Europe and India.


Emmvee has a successful track record of installing and commissioning solar PV projects in Germany and India and has active sales offices in both countries.


Emmvee’s PV module portfolio includes:


Bi-facial modules (450 Wp and 545 Wp): The bi-facial PV modules are made from toughened solar glass and half-cut cells to ensure maximum durability and the highest electricity output possible.


Monofacial Modules: The monofacial modules deliver high efficiency and savings while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the panels. These PV modules come in 120 and 144 half-cut cell varieties with corrosion-resistant frames for increased durability.


Polycrystalline Modules: Polycrystalline modules are designed to have low degradation and strong performance under high-temperature and low-light conditions. Suitable for large electrical power requirements, these PV modules are ideal for both on-grid and off-grid solar projects.


Here are the main features of Emmvee PV modules:

  • A transparent back sheet for higher electricity generation
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Designed to withstand extremely harsh weather conditions—from excessive humidity, hailstones, and wind to sand and snow
  • Easy installation
  • High module conversion efficiency
  • Improved PID resistance
  • Improved structural integrity
  • Industry-leading warranty
  • Inverter compatibility
  • Manufactured with the highest quality raw materials
  • Reduced LCOE
  • Up to 30% more electricity output with reflected light


Goldi Solar Pvt. Ltd.

Founded: 2011

Location: Surat, Gujarat, India


Founded by Ishver Dholakiya and Bharat Bhut, Goldi Solar Pvt. Ltd. (also known as “Goldi”) is a leading Indian solar PV module manufacturing company providing high-end PV modules at competitive prices.


With exports to 20+ countries globally and 10,000+ projects in rooftop, pump, and telecom, Goldi Solar is one of India’s most notable solar brands known for quality products and technical innovation.


Goldi Solar offers monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules for agricultural, commercial, industrial, residential, and utility applications.


Let’s look at Goldi Solar’s products and their features:


Solar Panels


HELOC PRO (mono-facial and bi-facial modules): The Heloc̣® Pro solar panels generate maximum power in minimum space and are available in premium black and silver frame options in four variants:

  • All Black
  • Glass to Glass
  • Transparent
  • White


Heloc̣® Pro Series

  • Heloc̣® Pro 156 Cells (White Backsheet) – 580-600 Wp
  • Heloc̣® Pro 144 Cells (Glass to Glass) – 525-560 Wp
  • Heloc̣® Pro 144 Cells (Transparent Backsheet) – 525-560 Wp


HELOC PLUS (710 Wp N-Type solar panel): The Heloc̣® Plus series features a 132-cell heterojunction bi-facial half-cut cell module that uses the N-type silicon wafer and non-destructive pre-cut technology.


*The name “HELOC” stands for High Efficiency Low on Carbon.


Key Product Features


  • Advanced glass and cell surface textured design (ensures high performance in a low-light environment)
  • Excellent anti-PID performance
  • Higher module conversion efficiency
  • Innovative frame support design for improved support
  • Lower LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy/Electricity)
  • Reduced BOS (Balance of System)


Goldi Solar plans to expand its cell manufacturing capacity to 5 GW and module manufacturing capacity to 6 GW by 2025.


In addition to consolidating its leadership position in the Indian solar industry, Goldi Solar continues to explore global export opportunities as a major OEM supplier catering to several international brands in countries like Germany, Greece, France, UAE, and the U.S.


Insolation Energy Ltd.

Founded: 2015

Location: Rajasthan, Jaipur, India


Insolation Energy Ltd. (INA) is a major solar energy provider with a diverse solar product portfolio. INA manufactures A-grade quality solar PV modules conforming to all domestic and international standards at its fully automatic, state-of-the-art solar panel manufacturing unit.


With a track record of delivering 500+ projects, INA has positively impacted the growth of commercial, residential, industrial, and off-grid segments of the solar business in India.


INA’s product portfolio includes:

  • Solar PV module
  • Solar PCU (Power Conditioning Unit)
  • Solar Battery
  • Solar Charge Controller


INA’s solar modules are designed for improved efficiency, easy handling, and efficient shipping. In addition to designing and delivering solar panels for residential and commercial spaces, INA provides other solar energy solutions like high-performance solar batteries and solar PCUs to augment power capacity with optimum storage.


INA manufactures solar PV modules with the following specifications:


Product Range

  • 545 Wp Half Cut Mono Perc
  • 400 Wp Mono Perc
  • 335 Wp Poly


Key Technical Specifications

  • 100% EL tested (pre- and post-lamination)
  • All-weather load-resistant and UV anti-glare-resistant glass
  • Improved low-light irradiation performance
  • Linear performance warranty (25 years)
  • PID-free modules
  • Superior quality raw material
  • Unique frame design with high mechanical strength


Jakson Solar

Founded: 1947

Location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India


Jakson Solar (also known as “Jakson”) is one of India’s best-known solar module companies. Jakson Solar is part of the renowned Jakson Group—a diversified energy and infrastructure company specializing in the fields of Distributed Energy, EPC, New Energies, and Solar.


As a leading solar panel manufacturer in India, Jakson has a strong IPP (Independent Power Producer) portfolio with a proven track record in EPC and the commissioning of high-performance solar energy projects.


Jakson’s solar product portfolio comprises the following:

  • Module-mounting structures
  • Solar panels
  • Solar power packs (hybrid, on-grid, and off-grid)


Jakson manufactures full-cell and half-cut solar modules, which are ALMM (Approved List Module Manufacturers) certified and backed by a robust R&D, testing, and quality control process.


Jakson’s solar module portfolio includes:

  • New Helia Series Monofacial Half Cell (440-600 Wp | Available in 120, 132, 144, and 156 half-cut cell configurations)
  • New Helia Series Bifacial Half Cell (440-600 Wp | Available in 120, 132, 144, and 156 half-cut cell configurations))
  • Polycrystalline Solar PV Modules (315-335 Wp| 72 Cells)


Here are the main features of Jakson solar modules:

  • 100% EL-tested for defect-free products
  • Best-in-class power output
  • Better high-temperature performance due to improved temperature coefficient
  • Excellent durability and low-light performance
  • High efficiency
  • Low LID degradation
  • Outstanding anti-PID performance
  • Positive power tolerance
  • Reduced loss during shading effect
  • Reduced resistive loss


Navitas Green Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Founded: 2013

Location: Surat, Gujarat, India


Navitas Green Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (also known as “Navitas Solar”) is one of the largest PV module manufacturers in India offering the following products and services:

  • EVA Sheets
  • Solar EPC
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar RESCO


Navitas Solar provides monocrystalline and multi-crystalline solar modules, which ensure the best value for money with outstanding performance and reliability. These modules are ideal for large-scale and rooftop installations, among others.


Let’s take a look at Navitas Solar’s offerings:


Bonito Series (Mono PERC Half Cut Module)

  • Bonito Pro (144 Cell/9 BB)
  • Bonito Pro (156 Cell/9 BB)
  • Bonito Max (144 Cell/10 BB)
  • Bonito Max (156 Cell/10 BB)


Navisol Series (Crystalline PERC Module)

  • Navisol Series (60 Cell/5 BB – Multi-Crystalline Module)
  • Navisol Series (72 Cell/5 BB – Multi-Crystalline Module)
  • Navisol Series (72 Cell/5 BB – Mono Crystalline PERC Module)


Anora Series (Multi-Crystalline Module)

Anora Series (Cell variants – 36 | 48 | 54 | 72)


Here are the key features of Navitas Solar PV modules:

  • 100% EL tested (before and after lamination)
  • Better shading tolerance
  • Excellent module efficiency and temperature performance
  • Exceptional glass efficiency with AR (Anti-Reflective) coating
  • Improved low-light performance
  • Lower LCOE and system cost
  • Non-destructive cutting
  • Performance warranty (25 years*)
  • PID resistance (heat, humidity, and voltage safe)
  • Positive power tolerance
  • Product warranty (10 years*)


*Warranty applicable as per standard warranty terms


Pixon Energy Ltd.

Founded: 2019

Location: Rajkot, Gujarat, India


Pixon Energy Ltd. (PIXON) is a well-established name in solar module manufacturing. PIXON offers a premium range of solar modules engineered with European technology. PIXON’s advanced modules—M6, M10, and M12—provide greater efficiency and power output.


PIXON also provides EVA film—a vital component of solar panels. The company’s 1 GW clean room environment facility ensures the EVA film is free from contaminants and other impurities, as these can affect solar panel quality and performance.


PIXON’s solar module portfolio includes:


Poly Crystalline Solar Modules

  • Poly Crystalline PV Modules
  • Poly Crystalline DCR PV Modules
  • Poly Crystalline Half-Cut Cell PV Modules


Mono-Crystalline Modules

  • Mono-Crystalline PERC PV Modules
  • Mono-Crystalline PERC Half-Cut Cell PV Modules


Here are the significant features of PIXON solar modules:

  • Competitive price
  • Excellent resistance to an alkali environment, high humidity, and high temperature, as well as heavy wind and snow loads
  • Glass with anti-reflective coating for better light transmission
  • Highly reliable
  • Improved performance even at low irradiation
  • PID-resistant


Premier Energies Limited

Founded: 1995

Location: Secunderabad, Telangana, India


Premier Energies Limited is a well-established solar module manufacturer in India reported to have “the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold-rated solar cell and module manufacturing facility in India.”


Premier Energies uses M10 Gallium-doped wafer to ensure superior module efficiency and ARC-coated, high-transmission glass to improve energy yield.


Premier Energies’ solar module portfolio includes:


P-Type, Monofacial Module M-10 HC (Mono PERC module)

  • 144-cell module (515-555 W)
  • 132-cell module (475-515 W)
  • 120-cell module (425-460 W)
  • 108-cell module (385-415 W)


P-Type, Bifacial Transparent Back Sheet Module M-10 HC (Mono PERC module)

  • 144 TOPCon module (560-590 W)
  • 144-cell module (530-560 W)
  • 132-cell module (485-515 W)
  • 120-cell module (435-460 W)
  • 108-cell module (385-415 W)


P-Type, Bifacial Dual Glass Module M-10 & G-12 HC (Mono PERC module)


Power Output (M10)

  • 144 TOPCon module (560-590 W)
  • 144-cell module (530-560 W)
  • 132-cell module (485-515 W)
  • 120-cell module (435-460 W)
  • 108-cell module (385-415 W)


Power Output (G12)

  • 132-cell module (640-670 W)
  • 120-cell module (585-610 W)
  • 108-cell module (520-550 W)


Premier Energies solar modules are ideal for residential, commercial, off-grid, and utility applications.


Here are the core features of the solar modules:

  • Better module power output and reliability with SMBB (Super Multi BusBar) technology
  • Enhanced mechanical load (certified to withstand snow and wind loads)
  • Excellent anti-PID resistance
  • Higher IRR (Internal Rate of Return)
  • Induction-based improved soldering quality of modules
  • Lower LCOE


RenewSys India Pvt. Ltd.

Founded: 1961

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


RenewSys India Pvt. Ltd. (RenewSys) is the renewable energy arm of the ENPEE Group—a transnational conglomerate operating across diverse industry sectors, including Chemicals, Construction, Energy, FMCG, and Packaging.


As a top-rated PV module supplier, RenewSys occupies a key position in the Indian solar industry.


RenewSys DESERV® solar modules are processed on advanced production lines and designed to maximize power output even in extreme environmental conditions.


In addition, all PV modules only use RenewSys’ in-house manufactured Encapsulants CONSERV and Backsheets PRESERV.


RenewSys offers the following high-efficiency PV modules in cut-cell and full-cell configurations:



  • DESERV SGALACTIC (156 Cut Cells)
  • DESERV SGALACTIC (144 Cut Cells)
  • DESERV SGALACTIC (120 Cut Cells)


DESERV EXTREME (Mono PERC | Bi-Facial – 430-590 Wp)

  • DESERV EXTREME (156 Cut Cells)
  • DESERV EXTREME (144 Cut Cells)
  • DESERV EXTREME (120 Cut Cells)


DESERV MONO (Mono/Mono PERC – 315-400 Wp)

  • DESERV MONO G1 (60 & 72 Cell Matrix)
  • DESERV MONO M2 (60 & 72 Cell Matrix)


DESERV MULTI (Multi/Multi PERC – 260-345 Wp)

  • DESERV MULTI G1 (260-345 Wp)
  • DESERV MULTI M2 (260-340 Wp)
  • DESERV MULTI 36 Cell (140-155 Wp)
  • DESERV MULTI Small Modules (40-125 Wp)


Made from the highest quality raw material, the reliable and versatile RenewSys solar modules are suitable for a variety of on-grid and off-grid applications—from small lighting systems to utility-scale power plants.


Saatvik Green Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Founded: 2015

Location: Gurugram, Haryana, India


Saatvik Green Energy Pvt. Ltd. (also known as “Saatvik” and “SGEPL”) is India’s leading solar module maker with one of the country’s largest solar PV manufacturing facilities.


Currently, Saatvik operates a 1.5 GW/annum facility in Haryana, India, with expansion planned for an additional 1.5 GW N-TOPCon Module manufacturing capacity through the launch of its new Greenfield project in Gandhidham, Gujarat.


Saatvik offers the following solar modules:

  • Bifacial Half Cut 144 Cells – 530-545 Wp (ideal for ground-mounted and rooftop projects)
  • Mono PERC Half Cut 144 Cells – 530-545 Wp (offer improved performance and durability compared to traditional solar cells)
  • Mono Crystalline (Full Cell) 72 Cells –385-400 Wp (space-efficient solar panels with the highest efficiency rates)
  • Poly Crystalline (Full Cell) 72 Cells – 325-335 Wp (cost-effective solar panels with a simple solar manufacturing process)


Here are the main product features of Saatvik solar modules used for residential, commercial, and utility applications:

  • Double-stage EL-tested modules
  • Easy to mount and ground
  • Excellent power performance even at low irradiance
  • Extended mechanical load (tested up to 5400 pascals)
  • High module conversion efficiency
  • High PID resistant
  • Easier installation due to the IP67 junction box with extended cable lengths
  • Linear power performance warranty (25 years)


Sova Solar Ltd.

Founded: 1996

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India


Previously known as “Sova Power Limited,” Sova Solar Ltd. (also known as “Sova”) is one of India’s leading PV module manufacturers. Sova’s cost-effective and high-temperature-tolerant products have been well-received in the industry, with the company being a registered vendor to reputed clients like BHEL, NTPC, and SAIL.


The company has a fully automated production unit and technical collaboration with IIT-Kharagpur, India.


According to Sova Solar, it is “the first in India to install teamtechnik, Germany (a global leader in assembly and functional test systems), on its production floor for higher throughput.”


Sova Solar provides grid-tied/on-grid solar PV modules, including:


Cut Cells

  • SS130P – 36
  • SS250P – 72


Full Cells

  • SS160P – 36
  • SS210P – 48
  • SS235P – 54
  • SS265P – 60
  • SS290P – 66
  • SS320P – 72
  • SS345M – 72


Here are the key features of Sova Solar PV modules, which come with pre-drilled frames for easy mounting:

  • 100% EL (Electroluminescence) Tested
  • First FSI (Flame Spread Index)-tested modules in India
  • High performance with an excellent power output
  • Linear power guarantee (25 years)
  • PID (Potential-Induced Degradation)-resistant


Tata Power Solar Systems Limited

Founded: 1989

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


Formerly known as “Tata BP Solar,” Tata Power Solar Systems Limited/Tata Power Solar (also known as “TPSSL” and “TPS”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited (TPREL).


Initially formed as a joint venture between Tata Power and British Petroleum Solar (BP Solar), TPS is a pioneer in the solar space with various regional offices, authorized service centers, and a nationwide network of 1,000+ dealers and sub-dealers.


According to TPS, it is “India’s largest integrated solar company driven by a singular vision—harness the power of the sun to enable solar everywhere.”


TPS operates through three business segments:

  • Solar module manufacturing
  • EPC services for solar power projects
  • Solar product innovation


TPS is a Tier-1 bankable module manufacturer known for its high-quality, efficient, and reliable solar modules. In addition, TPS continues to contribute significantly to the growth of the national economy by solarizing various industries—from banking and education to healthcare and manufacturing.


TPS undertakes distributed generation, rooftop, and utility-scale projects across the country. For example, TPS offers solar rooftop solutions for the following:

  • Commercial and industrial establishments
  • Homes and residential societies
  • Large enterprises
  • MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises)


Furthermore, TPS provides a wide range of solar products for rural and urban markets, including home lighting, street lighting, and solar water pumps.


Vikram Solar Ltd.

Founded: 2006

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India


Founded by Gyanesh Chaudhary, Vikram Solar Ltd. is one of India’s largest solar module manufacturers with a strong presence in both national and international markets.


Vikram Solar provides solar modules for commercial & industrial, residential, and utility-scale applications.


Vikram Solar’s solar module portfolio includes:


Somera (Monofacial multi busbar PV modules) – 345-665 W

  • Somera 345-375 W 120 Cell
  • Somera 380-410 W 108 Cell
  • Somera 410-435 W 120 Cell
  • Somera 435-465 W 144 Cell
  • Somera 535-560 W 144 Cell
  • Somera 580-610 W 120 Cell


Paradea (Bifacial glass-glass multi busbar PV modules) – 420-660 W

  • Paradea 635-670 W 132 Cell
  • Paradea 580-605 W 120 Cell
  • Paradea 525-550 W 144 Cell


Prexos (Bifacial glass to transparent backsheet multi busbar PV modules) – 340-550 W

  • Prexos 340-375 W 120 Cell
  • Prexos 380-410 W 108 Cell
  • Prexos 420-450 W 120 Cell
  • Prexos 525-550 W 144 Cell


Eldora (Polycrystalline PV modules) – 315-350 W

  • Eldora up to 340 W 72 Cell
  • Eldora up to 345 W 72 Cell
  • Eldora up to 350 W 144 Cell


Solivo (Smart PV modules with Smart Ready & Rapid Shutdown features) – 365-385 W

  • Applicable for rooftop projects with various roofing materials like asphalt shingle, clay tile, metal, and slate.
  • Best suited for geographic locations with heavy snowfall, such as the EU and the U.S.


Here are the key features of Vikram Solar PV modules:

  • A higher number of busbars (makes the PV modules more efficient and tolerant to micro-cracks)
  • Anti-staining performance (reduces cleaning frequency and water usage)
  • Better field reliability due to multiple cell contact points
  • Cylindrical tabbing wire (reduces shadow on the cell-active area)
  • Excellent low-light performance
  • Hassle-free installation due to lightweight modules
  • Lower cell-to-module conversion loss
  • Lower heat production (increases module longevity)
  • Lower internal resistance
  • Lower LCOE
  • Remote monitoring (makes O&M easier)


Waaree Energies Ltd.

Founded: 1989

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Waaree Energies Ltd. (Waaree) is the flagship company of the Waaree Group and one of the largest vertically integrated new energy companies.


Apart from solar products, such as PV modules, solar bags, solar mobile chargers, and solar street lights, Waaree provides customized solar EPC solutions based on clients’ needs and energy consumption.


Waaree solar EPC services comprise the following:

  • EPC Floating Solar
  • EPC Ground Mount
  • EPC Rooftop
  • Ops & Maintenance


According to Waaree, it has “India’s largest solar panel manufacturing capacity of 12 GW” at its plants in Chikhli (Surat) and Umbergaon (Valsad) in Gujarat, India.


The company’s cutting-edge automated production facility manufactures monocrystalline and polycrystalline PV modules for national and global on-grid and off-grid applications.


Waaree’s solar module range includes:

  • BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) solar panels (390-400 Wp)
  • Bifacial AHNAY SERIES Bi-25-380 to Bi-68-665
  • Mono PERC ARKA SERIES (315-400 Wp)
  • Poly ADITYA SERIES (250-350 Wp)


Waaree solar modules are available in various configurations for permanent and semi-permanent installations with key features, such as:

  • Available in a variety of specifications
  • Better heat dissipation
  • Higher safety


Apart from the solar manufacturers listed above, other solar energy companies play a crucial role in solar PV panel manufacturing and solar power plant management. For instance, XL Energy Limited (XLE) is a leading solar module manufacturer and an E2E (End-to-End) photovoltaic systems integrator, which plans, builds, operates, and owns large photovoltaic plants.


Loom Solar is another well-known company specializing in solar system products like solar panels, solar inverters, solar charge controllers, and solar tubular batteries. For example, Loom Solar’s Fusion 4024 is a solar management unit that makes a solar system generate more solar power than an ordinary charge controller.


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With its user-friendly interface, this platform empowers you to gain early-stage awareness of projects and swiftly identify the right business opportunities.


Each project will have all the essential details, such as scope, capacity, CapEx, status, project description, companies involved, funding information, location, periodic updates, important event dates like construction start date, commissioning dates, and key contact information of project owners and stakeholders.


The database is a vital resource for a wide range of entities, including developers, EPC Companies, project owners, solar PV module suppliers, BOM, Operation and Maintenance (O&M) companies, data analytics and software providers, consulting and advisory firms, power utilities, investors and financial institutions lending to projects as well as refinancing existing projects, research and development organizations, companies looking for acquisition of solar power plants, government and regulatory bodies, and law firms.


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Wrapping Up


India has been primarily dependent on fossil fuels to meet its energy demands.


However, the widespread development of solar technology is helping the country achieve sustainable energy goals by harnessing the most abundantly available renewable energy resource.


A solar panel is at the heart of any solar installation—it is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option to generate green energy using sunlight.


Besides meeting domestic manufacturing needs, Indian solar panel suppliers are also exporting PV modules to countries across the world.


Solar energy economics studies indicate the increasing accessibility and affordability of solar power in meeting the needs of consumers for solar cooking, solar electricity generation, solar thermal power production, solar water heating, and other applications.


Solar panel manufacturers in India are helping residential, commercial, and utility-scale customers access clean energy and contributing to the growth of the country’s solar economy with cost-effective, durable, and efficient solar solutions.

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