Global Top 10 Industrial Pump Manufacturers [2023]

Published on 31st August 2023

Industrial pumps are used for a wide range of applications, including:

·   Downstream (gas treatment, fertilizers, refinery, etc.)

·   General industry (includes desalination and mining)

·   Midstream (includes oil and water pipelines)

·   Power generation (boiler feed, condensate extraction, oil circulation in solar plants, water cooling, etc.)

·   Upstream (CO2 injection, oil gathering and transfer (onshore and FPSO), water injection, etc.)


Here are some of the widely used pumps:


Circulation pump: Circulation pumps constantly circulate water through the water heater and pipes—ensuring the progress of the water circulating in the system.


Rotary gear pump: Rotary gear pumps are used for pumping fluids with excessive viscosity, such as foodstuffs, oil, paints, and resins.


Self-priming pump: A self-priming pump is a specific type of fluid/liquid pump designed to re-prime itself under different lift conditions.


Sewage pump: A sewage pump is installed at the lowest point of the sewage basin to transfer sewage liquids and solids from one place to another. In addition, effective sewage collection systems use lift stations to “lift” the sewage upwards for further treatment and recirculation.


Sump pump: A sump pump is used in basements or crawlspaces to remove accumulated water from a water-collecting sump basin and help keep the area dry.


Trash pump: Trash pumps are typically used for dewatering applications and transport liquids containing hard and soft solids, such as leaves, pebbles, mud, silt, and twigs.


Continue reading to learn more about the top players in the industrial pump market.


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Global Top 10 Industrial Pump Manufacturers [2023]


Ebara Corporation

Xylem Inc.

Flowserve Corporation


Dover Corporation

Sulzer Ltd.

Alfa Laval AB

Baker Hughes Company


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Wrapping Up


Global Top 10 Industrial Pump Manufacturers [2023]


Here are the world’s leading industrial pump manufacturers (ranking is based on the revenue of the pumps segment):



Founded: 1945

Location: Bjerringbro, Denmark


Founded by Poul Due Jensen, Grundfos is known as “the world’s largest pump manufacturer.”


Grundfos Pumps


Let’s look at some of Grundfos pumps in detail:


Booster set: Grundfos offers a broad range of booster sets for high-rise apartment blocks, hospitals, irrigation systems and other applications requiring constant pressure to meet varying demand on the water supply.


Circulator pumps: Designed for best-in-class efficiency with low maintenance and noise-free performance, Grundfos’ circulator pumps cut energy consumption by up to 80% compared to conventional circulators. These circulator pumps are available for heating, cooling, and hot water recirculation needs.


Dosing pumps: Grundfos’ diaphragm pumps provide accuracy, durability, and reliability for industrial processing, water and wastewater treatment, and other applications. Grundfos’ diaphragm pumps include digital dosing pumps designed for high-precision dosing of chemicals—enabling advanced process control and integration with system control.


Immersible pumps: Immersible pumps are immersed in the pumped liquid and typically mounted on top of or inside tanks or containers. These pumps are used in cooling units, grinding machines, spark machine tools and other industrial applications involving containers or tanks.


Inline multi-stage pumps: These pumps are typically used in commercial buildings for air-conditioning and heating applications. These “close-coupled” pumps have the pump and motor as two separate units—making them less sensitive to impurities in the pumped liquid.


Submersible groundwater pumps: Grundfos’ submersible pumps are made entirely of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and are ideal for diverse applications.


Apart from the pumps listed above, Grundfos offers other pumps, such as:

·   Encapsulated pumps

·   End-suction close coupled multi stage

·   End-suction close coupled single stage

·   End-suction long coupled single stage

·   End-suction machine tool

·   Fire protection pumps

·   Horizontal multistage

·   Horizontal split case pumps

·   Inline single-stage pumps

·   Wastewater pumps


Grundfos is committed to improving the lives of people with pioneering solutions supported by its six core values—sustainable, open & trustworthy, focused on people, independent, partnership, and relentlessly ambitious.


Ebara Corporation

Founded: 1912

Location: Tokyo, Japan


Founded by Issey Hatakeyama, Ebara Corporation (stylized as “EBARA”) is an industry-leading pump manufacturer offering a variety equipment and products, including blowers and fans, compressors and turbines, pumps, and exhaust gas treatment equipment.


Ebara’s comprehensive range of pumps comprises the following:


Standard Pumps – Product Lineup


·   Surface Pumps

·   Submersible Pumps

·   Booster Pump Units


Custom Pumps – Product Lineup


·   Intake Pumps

·   Large-scale, high-pressure pumps

·   Boiler feed pumps

·   Ammonia pumps for urea plants

·   Carbamate pumps for urea plants

·   Fluid coupling

·   Circulating water pump for thermal power plant

·   Pump systems for public projects in Japan


Ebara also provides after-sales services, including:

·   Field servicing

·   Maintenance

·   Modifications

·   Parts supply

·   Regeneration

·   Repairs


Ebara’s pumps meet diverse needs for general and professional applications—from fluid transfer pumps and drainage pumps to pumps for irrigation systems and river drainage systems.


Xylem Inc.

Founded: 2011

Location: Washington, D.C., United States


Xylem Inc. is a leading water technology company, which helps customers solve the toughest water challenges across commercial, residential, industrial, and utility markets worldwide.


Xylem’s innovative water solutions focus on using less energy, reducing operating expenses, and supporting sustainability efforts to ensure accessible, affordable, and safe water for all.


Xylem is also a global leader in reliable, tough, and portable pumps for multiple applications.


Xylem’s broad pump range includes:

·   Commercial Pool Pumps

·   Split Case & Double Suction Pumps

·   End Suction Pumps

·   Fire Pumps

·   Horizontal Axial Flow Pumps

·   In-Line Pumps

·   Jet Pumps

·   Multi-Stage Pumps

·   Positive Displacement Pumps

·   Self-Priming Pumps

·   Slurry Pumps

·   Submersible Pumps

·   Vertical Pumps

·   Wet Rotor Circulators


Apart from pumps, Xylem offers the following:

·   Packaged Pump Systems (Packaged Pump Station Solutions)

·   Pump Control & Monitoring Systems

·   Pump Accessories


Goulds Water Technology


Goulds Water Technology (a Xylem brand) is a well-known name in residential and commercial water products, including centrifugal pumps and boosters, complete packaged system solutions, drainage pumps, jet pumps, and turbine pumps.


Xylem’s innovative products and services, industry expertise, and excellent customer support help create a more water-secure and resilient world.


Flowserve Corporation

Founded: 1997

Location: Irving, Texas, United States


Flowserve Corporation is one of the largest suppliers of industrial and environmental machinery, including pumps, valves, and seals.


With “the world’s largest portfolio of proven high-performance flow control systems,” Flowserve provides solutions for the toughest flow management challenges—enhancing the efficiency, profitability, reliability, and safety of operations worldwide.


Flowserve offers a comprehensive range of pumps, including (but not limited to the following):


Overhung Pumps


·   Slurry Pumps – HPX6000 (Brand | Lawrence Pumps®)

·   API Process Pumps – HPX-Mag (Brand | Flowserve)


Between Bearings Pumps


·   Horizontal – Multistage – Double Case – WXB/WXBB (Brand | Flowserve)


Vertical Pumps


·   Double Case Pumps – VPC (Brand | Flowserve)

·   Wet Pit Pumps – VTP (Brand | Flowserve)


Positive Displacement Pumps


·   Gear Pumps – GA (Brand | Flowserve)


Side Channel


·   Industrial Process and Chemical Pumps – CEH (Brand | SIHI®)


Vacuum Pumps


·   Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps – LPH (Brand | SIHI®)


Nuclear Products


·   Nuclear Pumps – DVSR (Brand | Flowserve)


Specialty Products


·   Polyolefin Reactor Pump – AFH9500 (Brand | Lawrence Pumps®)


Flowserve pumps are used in O&G, hydrocarbon and chemical processing, power generation, water resources industries, as well as general and industrial applications.



Founded: 1872

Location: Dortmund, Germany


WILO SE is a globally leading manufacturer of high-tech pumps and pump systems for building services (commercial and residential), water management, and the industrial sector.


The Wilo Group is a multinational technology group with more than 60 distribution and production companies in addition to WILO SE.


The Wilo Group’s approach of creating individual concepts and solutions ensures easy installation, efficient maintenance, and safe operation.


According to the Wilo Group, its “pumps and hydraulic systems offer the highest degree of reliability, flexibility, and efficiency.”


Wilo pumps are used across the world for various applications—from food production and dewatering in the mining industry to pumping cooling water in power plants.


The Wilo Group works closely with leading OEMs and manufacturers of products, including air-conditioning systems, boilers, and heat pumps.


Scot Pump (A Wilo brand)


Scot Pump is an OEM manufacturer that specializes in end suction centrifugal pumps and maintains a large stock of machined components and motors to offer products with quick lead times.


Weil Pump (A Wilo brand)


Weil Pump has a long and distinguished history as a centrifugal pump manufacturer for construction, commercial, industrial, and municipal applications. Moreover, Weil Pump’s high-quality, rugged designs ensure the least pump maintenance, thereby providing significant cost savings.


Dover Corporation

Founded: 1955

Location: Illinois, United States


Dover Corporation is a diversified global manufacturer and a leading provider of consumable supplies, innovative equipment and components, software and digital solutions, aftermarket parts, and support services through five operating segments:

·   Engineered Products

·   Clean Energy & Fueling

·   Imaging & Identification

·   Pumps & Process Solutions

·   Climate & Sustainability Technologies


With its “pumps and process solutions” companies located around the world, Dover supplies a wide range of components and solutions for the safe handling of fluids across bioproduction, chemical, energy, and other markets.


Dover Brands


CPC (Colder Products Company): CPC is the leading provider of quick disconnect couplings and fittings for thermal management, life sciences, and industrial applications.


Dover Precision Components: Dover Precision Components delivers performance-critical solutions for rotating and reciprocating machinery across the chemical, industrial, marine, O&G, power generation, and general processing markets.


MAAG Group: The MAAG Group develops and manufactures customizable and integrated systems for the chemical, polymer, and petrochemical industries.


PSG (Pump Solutions Group): PSG enables efficient and safe transfer of critical fluids and materials in applications where it matters most.


Dover innovates constantly and works closely with customers to better meet their needs while leveraging expertise across segments.


Sulzer Ltd.

Founded: 1834

Location: Winterthur, Switzerland


Sulzer Ltd. is a globally recognized industrial engineering and manufacturing company and a premier pump manufacturer providing engineered, configured, and standard pumping solutions, and essential auxiliary equipment.


Sulzer offers efficient and reliable solutions for diverse applications, such as:

·   Bio-based, recycling, and carbon capture

·   Construction (building and civil engineering)

·   Fertilizers

·   Food and beverages

·   Mining and metals

·   Oil, gas, and chemicals

·   Polymer

·   Power generation

·   Pulp, paper and board

·   Transportation (automotive, marine, rail, air)

·   Water and wastewater


Sulzer’s extensive array of pumps includes:

·   Axial flow pumps

·   Axially split pumps

·   Dewatering pumps

·   Progressing cavity pumps (also known as “progressive cavity pumps”)

·   Radial split pumps

·   Ring section pumps

·   Single stage pumps

·   Slurry pumps

·   Submersible pumps

·   Two stage pumps

·   Vertical pumps


Sulzer also provides lifting stations for toilet wastewater and without toilet wastewater, among other products.


Alfa Laval AB

Founded: 1883

Location: Lund, Sweden


Alfa Laval AB was founded by Gustaf de Laval who is credited with inventing “the world’s first continuous centrifugal separator to separate milk from cream.”


Alfa Laval is a global leader in three key technologies—fluid handling/fluid management, heat transfer, and separation.


Alfa Laval’s technologies promote responsible natural resource use and reduce the environmental impact of many industrial processes through:

·   Better water treatment

·   Improved energy efficiency and heat recovery

·   Reduced emissions


Alfa Laval provides the following pumps under the “Fluid handling equipment” category:

·   Centrifugal pumps

·   Circumferential piston pumps

·   Rotary lobe pumps

·   Twin Screw pump

·   Three-screw pumps

·   Gear pumps


Alfa Laval delivers sustainable products and solutions to help enhance the competitiveness and productivity of its global customers across industries—mainly in the food, energy, environment, and marine industries.


Baker Hughes Company

Founded: 1987

Location: Houston, Texas, United States


Baker Hughes Company (Baker Hughes) is among the world’s largest oilfield service businesses, with operations spanning Africa, the Americas (including North America and South America), Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East.


Baker Hughes was established as a merger between Baker International (founded by Reuben C. Baker) and Hughes Tool Company (founded by Howard Hughes).


Baker Hughes is a trusted leader in solving production challenges in every environment—from deepwater subsea fields to mature conventional fields.


Centrifugal Pumps


With over 60 years of design heritage, Baker Hughes’ centrifugal pumps are well proven in industrial, oil and gas, and power generation applications around the world.


By leveraging its vast experience and R&D practices, Baker Hughes has executed centrifugal pump projects in various upstream O&G applications with complex material requirements and extremely demanding pressure conditions.


Let’s look at the product types and technical features of Baker Hughes’ centrifugal pumps:


Product Type

Technical Feature

·   Horizontal and vertical installations

·   Horizontally or radially split case

·   Single or double case

·   Single or multistage


·   Flow range (up to 20,000 m3/h)

·   Power range (up to 15 MW)

·   Pressure range (up to 670 bar)

·   Speed range (900-7,500 rpm)


Baker Hughes provides the following centrifugal pumps:


·   BB1 DVS/DVE/BFD pumps, one and two stages between bearings: The advanced, heavy-duty design of these pumps ensures higher performance and lower environmental impact.


·   BB2 DVSHF/THF/DS-THF radially split centrifugal pumps: These robust pumps are suitable for continuous duty in a wide range of pressure and temperature applications.


·   BB3 MSN/MSND multistage axially split centrifugal pumps: These pumps deliver high efficiency and high heads for boiler feed, pipeline, refinery, and other services.


·   BB4 DDHF/R radially split ring section diffuser pumps: These performance-designed pumps ensure high reliability and efficiency and lower operating costs.


·   BB5 DDHF multistage centrifugal pumps: These pumps are ideal for API 610 heavy-duty services and are fully complaint with the most stringent IOC (International Oil Companies) and NOC (National Oil Companies) specifications.


·   BB5 DDHFM radially split multistage pumps: These pumps with optimized hydraulic design provide high efficiency in onshore and offshore water-injection applications.


·   Saturne™ Pump: The Saturne™ Pump is a reliable, robust, and flexible vertical turbine pump designed for high-flow water applications. The Saturne™ Pump’s light and compact design improves ease of maintenance and simplifies installation.



Founded: 1871

Location: Frankenthal, Germany


For over 150 years, KSB SE has been one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial valves and pumps for a broad range of applications, such as:

·   Building services (heating and cooling supply, water supply, and drainage)

·   Industrial applications (food and beverage production, pharmaceutical and cosmetics production, snowmaking equipment, etc.)

·   Water transport

·   Power plant processes (such as fossil fuel power plants and nuclear power plants)

·   Mining (slurry transport, hard rock mining, mineral mining, etc.)

·   Chemicals production (bulk chemicals, speciality chemicals, and consumer chemicals)

·   Wastewater disposal and transport


KSB Pumps


KSB’s product catalog includes the following pumps:

·   Dry-installed pump

·   Vertical shaft submersible pump

·   Submersible borehole pump

·   Submersible motor pump

·   Barrel pull-out pump

·   Ring-section pump

·   Tubular casing pump

·   Submersible pump in discharge tube


Since it was founded in 1871, KSB has evolved into an industry leader with a presence on all continents—encompassing manufacturing facilities, sales and marketing companies, and service operations.


Other significant players in the industrial pump market include GE, Schlumberger, and Weatherford.


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Wrapping Up

Industrial pump specialists not only provide an extensive array of pumps in different sizes and specifications but also pump repair and maintenance services to extend the life of pumps and related ancillaries.


While Viking Pump (a unit of IDEX Corporation) is a pump industry innovator, Gusher Pumps offers one of the largest selections of centrifugal pumps, including close-coupled pumps, immersible pumps, multi-stage pumps, and sludge pumps.


John Crane is a leading engineering technology provider supplying products for mission-critical operations, such as the mechanical seal product range designed for maximum sealing safety.


Warren Rupp makes air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps, which can pump large particles without damage and reliably transfer a variety of fluids (from clean, light viscosity to medium viscosity).


ITT Inc. (formerly known as “ITT Corporation”) is a multi-industrial company whose industrial process business manufactures industrial pumps and valves, as well as monitoring and control systems through leading brands, such as Goulds Pumps and Engineered Valves.


Industrial pump manufacturers provide a wide range of pumps built to end-user specifications and high operational safety standards to meet diverse application challenges. 


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