Global Top 10 Industrial Boiler Manufacturers [2023]

Published on 31st March 2023

A boiler is a machine used to heat water in a closed vessel—creating steam and hot water.


The history of boilers goes back to the first industrial revolution in the 18th century when mechanized work began to replace manual work. Boilers are used as the primary source of heat in various applications.


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Global Top 10 Industrial Boiler Manufacturers [2023]

Alfa Laval AB

Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc.

Bosch Industriekessel GmbH

Cleaver-Brooks, Inc.

Harbin Electric Co., Ltd.

Hurst Boiler & Welding Company, Inc.

IHI Corporation

Miura Co., Ltd.

Thermax Limited

Zhengzhou Boiler (Group) Co., Ltd.

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Global Top 10 Industrial Boiler Manufacturers [2023]


Here are the world’s leading industrial boiler manufacturers (listed alphabetically):


Alfa Laval AB

Founded: 1883

Location: Lund, Sweden


Founded by Gustaf de Laval and Oscar Lamm, Alfa Laval AB started providing centrifugal separation solutions for dairy before moving on to the production of specialized products and solutions for heavy industry.


Alfa Laval AB’s product range includes:


Aalborg 3-Pass: A compact industrial boiler with a modern wetback design. The boiler provides uniformly high steam quality and efficiency levels (up to 96%) through the symmetrically arranged heating surfaces that secure optimum water circulation.


Aalborg HPNC: The boiler is specially designed for the deodorizing process in the physical refining of vegetable fats and oils. It features a robust coil design for ensuring efficiency in heat transfer, cooling of tube sections, and preventing overheating.


Alfa Laval Micro: A compact exhaust gas heat exchanger that uses otherwise wasted heat to warm a variety of media, including water, thermal fluid oil (TFO), and triethylene glycol (TEG).


Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc.

Founded: 1867

Location: Akron, Ohio, United States


Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc. (B&W) was founded by two friends—Stephen Wilcox and George Babcock.


Currently, B&W is a global leader in energy and environmental technologies and services with several subsidiaries worldwide.


B&W’s industrial boilers come in a variety of industrial water-tune boiler designs and are custom engineered to project specifications.


B&W’s industrial boiler portfolio includes:


  • Chemical and heat recovery boilers (pulp and paper industry)
  • Circulating Fluidized-bed (CFB) boilers (ideal for burning challenging fuels (such as high sulfur and high ash fuels) and other products (waste fuels, wood, biomass, etc.)
  • Stirling® Boilers (adaptable for multiple industrial applications)
  • Towerpak® Boilers (a versatile boiler that can burn any fuel, alone or in combination)


Bosch Industriekessel GmbH

Founded: 1865

Location: Gunzenhausen, Germany


Bosch Industriekessel GmbH (Bosch Industriekessel) was founded by Philipp Loos in Neustadt (Palatinate region, Germany). 


In 2005, the company celebrated the 100,000th boiler anniversary.


More than 120,000 Bosch Industriekessel’s steam, hot water, and heating boiler systems have been commissioned in 140+ countries.


The company’s product portfolio includes:


  • Hot water boilers (includes the Unimat hot water boiler series (UT-M, UT-H, and UT-HZ))
  • Heating boilers (includes the Uni Condens 8000 F series, Uni 3000 F, and Unimat heating boiler UT-L)
  • Steam boilers (includes the electric steam boiler ELSB and Universal steam boiler series (CSB, U-MB, (UL-S, UL-SX), and (ZFR, ZFR-X))


Cleaver-Brooks, Inc.

Founded: 1929

Location: Georgia, United States


Cleaver-Brooks, Inc. (Cleaver-Brooks) was established as a result of collaboration between John C. Cleaver (who began manufacturing small, portable boilers in 1929) and Raymond Brooks. According to the company, it produced the world’s “first packaged boiler.”


With 90+ years of innovation and expertise, Cleaver-Brooks is currently a major provider of boilers, burners, controls, and boiler room equipment.


Cleaver-Brooks’ boilers range includes:


  • Firetube Boilers
  • Packaged Watertube Boilers
  • Condensing Hydronic Boilers
  • Modular Steam Boilers
  • Electric & Electrode Boilers
  • Industrial Watertube Boilers
  • Waste Heat Boilers


Harbin Electric Co., Ltd.

Founded: 1994

Location: Harbin, China


Harbin Electric Co., Ltd. (HE) was established by reorganizing Harbin’s three power factories—Harbin Boiler Co., Ltd., Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., and Harbin Turbine Co., Ltd.


HE is China’s earliest manufacturing and R&D base of power generation equipment.


Currently, HE is one of the 52 state-owned backbone enterprises and is famously referred to as the “eldest son” of China’s equipment manufacturing industry.


HE has developed a clean, efficient range of industrial boilers, including:


  • High-temperature, high-pressure pulverized coal boiler
  • Circular fluid bed boiler
  • A large-sized central heating boiler


Hurst Boiler & Welding Company, Inc.

Founded: 1967

Location: Coolidge, Georgia, United States


Since 1967, Hurst Boiler & Welding Company, Inc. has been designing, engineering, manufacturing, and servicing gas, oil, biomass and hybrid firetube and watertube steam and hot water boilers.


The company’s “Boilers” range includes but not limited to the following:


  • Scotch Marine Boilers
  • Firebox Boilers
  • Vertical Boilers
  • Low NOx Boilers
  • Solid Fuel Fired Boilers
  • Biomass Boiler Systems
  • Watertube Boilers


In addition, the company provides boiler auxiliary equipment, boiler CAD drawings, and boiler parts and service.


Furthermore, Hurst is a custom manufacturer of engineered packaged boilers and industrial boiler systems and also manufactures a complete line of boiler room equipment, such as boiler room peripherals.


IHI Corporation

Founded: 1853

Location: Tokyo, Japan


The IHI Corporation (IHI) derives its name from Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries (IHI) and started manufacturing steam generators (boilers).


IHI specializes in designing, manufacturing, and constructing a wide range of boilers—from small packaged boilers (capacity of 130 kg/h) to super-critical pressure boilers (steam-generating capacity of over 3,000 t/h for thermal power plants).


In addition, IHI has been contributing significantly to provide a stable supply of electricity through engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) of thermal power plants in Japan and other countries.


Miura Co., Ltd.

Founded: 1947

Location: Japan


Miura Co., Ltd. (MIURA) was established by Tamotsu Miura who completed the Z boiler (a small once-through boiler ZP model) in 1959.


From the first ZP model with a boiler efficiency of 80% (approx..), models have evolved to have a boiler efficiency of 98% and even achieving a system efficiency of 100% by recovering the latent heat present in exhaust gas.


MIURA is now working to commercialize ideas for new energy applications by developing products, such as hydrogen-fired boilers, hydrogen production equipment, and solid oxide fuel cell systems.


MIURA has grown to become one of the largest boiler manufacturers in the world.


Miura America Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the MIURA Group that offers the EX dual fuel boiler series and the LX gas-fired boiler series, with both offerings available as low-pressure and high-pressure models to meet specific power generation needs.


Thermax Limited

Founded: 1980

Location: Pune, India


Thermax Limited (Thermax) is an Indian multinational engineering conglomerate with business operations being supported by several of its group companies.


The company also has a robust R&D set-up and 14 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.


The “TBWES” services business is Thermax’s exclusive boiler and heater division, which provides tailored technology and experience-based solutions for boiler users around the world. The division has successfully boosted process efficiencies across cement, petrochemicals, and power utilities, among other industries.


Thermax’s product portfolio includes:


  • Steam boilers (coil-type steam boilers in the range of 50 to 850 kg steam per hour and designed to operate on a wide range of gaseous and liquid fuels)
  • Thermic fluid heaters (thermal oil/thermic fluid heaters available in solid fuel firing and oil/gas firing versions)
  • Hot water heaters/hot water boilers (include Aquamatic, Aquatherm, and Thermocontainers)


In addition, Thermax’s biomass boiler is environmentally friendly and reduces fuel cost by 30%.


Zhengzhou Boiler (Group) Co., Ltd.

Founded: 1945

Location: Zhengzhou, Henan, China


Zhengzhou Boiler (Group) Co., Ltd. (ZBG) is a large-scale industrial group with a global market presence.


ZBG specializes in industrial boilers and pressure vessels apart from managing other business segments, such as boiler auxiliaries, boiler installation, and boiler operator training.


In terms of enterprise scale and technology development, ZBG has consistently retained the top position in China’s boiler industry.


ZBG’s product portfolio includes:


  • Gas & Oil Fired Boiler
  • Biomass Fired Boiler
  • CFB Boiler
  • Coal Fired Boiler
  • Waste Heat Recovery Boiler


Other significant players include but not limited to the following:


  • Columbia Boiler Company (provides a wide variety of commercial, industrial, home heating, and waste oil boilers)
  • Parker Boiler Co. (provides an array of boilers and heaters, including condensing boilers, industrial steam boilers, and thermal fluid heaters)
  • Power Mechanical, Inc. (provides a diverse range of rentals (such as boilers and heat exchangers), sells new and used boilers, and offers other related services)


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Wrapping Up


The boiler industry is growing rapidly to cater to the diverse needs of customers across the world. Some of the crucial growth drivers include:


  • An increase in the growth of chemical, petrochemical, and food & beverage industries
  • Stringent laws to reduce harmful environmental emissions
  • The rise in demand for clean technology
  • The rise in the utilization of natural gas


Industrial boilers are built to stringent quality standards to ensure superior boiler design and efficiency.


While industrial boilers are generally constructed by welding thick steel plates together for withstanding exceptionally high pressures, austenitic stainless steel is also widely used in the commercial heating marketplace.   


Boiler manufacturers are offering technologically advanced, efficient boilers that are engineered with precision and built to deliver the best results for wide-ranging industrial applications.




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