Do You Know the Best Lead Generation Websites for Contractors?

Published on 19th August 2022

Have you been looking for new leads to grow your construction business? Finding construction leads is time consuming and exhaustive, with hundreds of project opportunities worldwide.


With your busy schedule and limited resources, it may not be easy to source and pursue residential and commercial construction leads.


Do you want quality leads without worrying about missed opportunities or spending extra time and money searching for potential clients? 


This post gives an overview of the best websites to generate leads on residential and commercial construction projects. 


Why is Construction Lead Generation Necessary?




Lead generation is essential for maximizing your opportunities in an increasingly competitive construction industry. Generating leads is necessary when you want to widen your audience reach and boost engagement.


Owing to the time and resource crunch, a general contractor, subcontractor, or a construction company may find it challenging to source leads that fit their Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs).


When contractor lead generation is done right, exclusive leads are available to you to keep track of new or upcoming business opportunities, build meaningful connections with potential customers, and establish a positive reputation for your products or services.


What is a Lead Generation Site?




A construction-related lead generation site or website identifies relevant projects to establish requirements for your products/services.


Such projects become “qualified leads” you can use to initiate communication and optimize your budget, time, and money to convert the leads into paying customers and generate sales for your construction business.


Without a lead generation website, it would be a huge challenge to source, analyze, and filter the leads most relevant to you.


Moreover, tracking your progress online with key performance metrics increases the lead conversion rate.


If you want to scale your efforts to deliver a steady pipeline of leads, as well as save time and resources with tested lead generation strategies, take a look at the top-rated lead generation companies below.


The Best Lead Generation Companies for Contractors

The following are the top lead generation companies for contractors (listed in alphabetical order):


Barbour ABI

The United Kingdom-based Barbour ABI is a leading provider of construction intelligence services. The company works with specialist recruitment companies to identify relevant opportunities and provide access to construction site contacts and details.


Barbour ABI’s online platform and mobile app can help you learn more about construction projects throughout the UK, at any stage of the project timeline and value. Furthermore, a dedicated account manager is available to get qualified leads for you.



BidClerk connects construction professionals with business opportunities in the construction industry. BidClerk Contractor and BidClerk Enterprise give visibility into the project life cycle—from planning through bidding to completion.


You can search for public and private projects in the U.S. and Canada. You can also save the ideal search filters and sort by specific metrics or search tags to access projects and project plans/specifications.


Blackridge Research & Consulting



Finding a trusted source of quality active leads is necessary for your construction business to stay a step ahead in lead generation. We know that your time is valuable, so we manage the search for you.


If you need reliable construction intelligence and early access to residential and commercial construction projects near you, Blackridge Research & Consulting’s Global Project Tracker (GPT) can help.


We make it easy and effective to collect a potential lead and win a project with comprehensive project intelligence.


Get matched to projects near you. Start getting high-quality leads.


How it Works

  • Book a free demo here.
  • Learn more about existing, on-going, upcoming/new projects, and contract awards, among others in multiple industries.
  • Review project opportunities and get access to project-specific information and key contacts.
  • When you are ready to discover exclusive leads, choose a subscription plan.
  • Engage better with your clients and close more jobs with advanced live dashboards.
  • Manage your sales pipeline opportunities with customized alerts and intelligent matching.
  • Enjoy dedicated analyst (email, phone, and chat) support throughout the subscription period.


There are no missed or lost opportunities because the win is always closer with the Global Project Tracker.



BuildCentral’s location analytics and planned construction leads are available for different projects, such as CRE (Corporate Real Estate), hotel, medical, mining & energy, multi-family/single-family, and retail construction spaces. BuildCentral provides an option to choose from local, regional, and national plans.


SMB (small and medium-sized business) and enterprise customers use the construction project lead data, including comprehensive project details and market insights to uncover new growth opportunities.



While BuildingConnected’s prequalification tool “TradeTapp” is used to reduce risk and save time in finding and qualifying subcontractors, Bid Leveling and Bid Analytics work well in identifying bids efficiently and accessing company-wide analytics.


On the other hand, subcontractors can get invited to projects in the preferred service areas by using the BuildingConnected Network.


If you are a subcontractor, you can choose the counties where you would like to work and list the trades you would like to be invited to, so general contractors know which bids to send you. You can accept or decline invites and submit proposals.


Building Radar

Building Radar is a German company that specializes in construction lead technology. From construction projects in Germany to healthcare construction leads, Building Radar lists out construction projects with crucial details, such as construction site location, construction cost, construction type, companies involved, project phase, and start/end of construction.


The company’s revenue engineering platform is designed to generate a new pipeline, provide process insights, and achieve scalable revenue growth.



BuildZoom provides construction professionals with intelligent matching and performance-based access to residential, commercial, and small construction projects.


Throughout the hiring process and preconstruction, BuildZoom is involved in enabling contractors to build engagement with the clients.


Partnering with contractors on a referral basis makes it convenient to pay only after being hired for a job.


CMD Group                                              

Formerly known as “Reed Construction Data” and “Construction Market Data,” The CMD Group provides construction leads and data related to the North American construction industry.


The commercial construction software company offers information on projects by building type and state, and commercial building products, materials, and supplies.


Contractors can also browse municipal and statewide building codes for their areas. Furthermore, CMD tracks commercial and civil projects throughout Canada and the U.S. to source project leads for your business.



Construct-A-Lead provides flexible pricing plans to gain commercial construction leads. You can search the company’s project database for commercial construction data for projects throughout Canada and the U.S.


Apart from a complete material list and verified contact information for every project, Construct-A-Lead allows you to search for private and public sector commercial projects by bid stage, cost, and location. You can search the online database by project type, state, zip code, or keyword.



ConstructConnect provides software solutions to the preconstruction industry and helps commercial construction companies maximize productivity and streamline their workflows.


Whether you are a building product manufacturer, general contractor, or a trade contractor, you can improve your specification rate, simplify bid management, and find relevant projects based on matched and scored bidding leads.


ConstructConnect’s wide network of construction professionals and personalized recommendations can help you build important connections and keep you informed to win more work.



ConstructionWire is an online database for public and private sector projects, such as hotels, single-family, multi-family, retail, office buildings, and demolition. The ConstructionWire report includes the locations, key contacts, project details, and schedules of active construction projects.


With new projects added and updated regularly, you can search the project database for various projects—from preplanning to early construction. You will need to subscribe to access the ConstructionWire reports.



When you want to connect with home and business owners, check out CraftJack for verified residential and commercial leads. From remodeling to roofing, CraftJack provides contractors in all trades with dedicated account managers, real-time quality leads, and a speed-to-call discount.


In addition, contractors can use CraftJack’s lead manager and pro app and the reputation management tool to manage incoming leads, completed jobs, and reviews, as well as monitor online brand presence. 



DataBid is a real-time lead service provider that can help you find local projects for your trades or services by sector and stage. Moreover, the project information includes details, such as region, county/district, industry, contracting method, construction type, project class, and division of work.


DataBid’s Company Directory gives you access to bidders (complete lists), meeting attendees, and bid results. So, you can track key companies looking for your trades or services and grow your network.


Dodge Data & Analytics

Dodge Data & Analytics is your source for construction project information on a local, regional, or national level in North America. The company’s industry solutions, including The Blue Book Network, Dodge Data & Analytics, IMS (Integrated Marketing Systems), and Sweets, provide actionable opportunities to enterprise firms and small teams.


The company’s longstanding presence in the commercial construction industry makes it a well-known provider of market research and forecasting and workflow integration.



Founded as “Construction Software Technologies, Inc.,” iSqFt serves general contractors, manufacturers, subcontractors, and suppliers in the commercial construction industry.


The preconstruction software company offers an active online network to share project information and use online bid management tools.


Finding bid opportunities and managing project documents are easier with an iSqFt subscription that provides access to public and private projects. In addition, free training sessions on “project leads” and “bid management” are available several times to learn how to use iSqFt.  


Other well-known lead generation service providers include Angi (formerly known as “Angie’s List”), Houzz, and HomeAdvisor.


Angi is a widely used home services website that connects homeowners with highly rated pros for a variety of home projects ranging from routine maintenance to home renovations. Popular projects include appliance repair, home cleaning, roof repair, and plumbing services.



Houzz is well known for home design and remodeling. The online platform connects homeowners with diverse home professionals, including home builders, building designers, design-build firms, kitchen & bath designers, landscape architects, and specialty contractors.



Formerly known as “ServiceMagic,” HomeAdvisor connects homeowners with home improvement contractors for local home services. Interestingly, HomeAdvisor is now “Angi” and caters to a variety of home maintenance needs.


Trained service professionals are available for indoor and outdoor home improvement, maintenance, and remodeling projects.


Wrapping Up

Lead generation is a crucial component of the construction industry. A construction lead generation site can make a difference in striking a satisfactory deal you have been looking for.


Earlier, finding a potential lead or a potential customer used to be a challenge. Now, a lead generation company makes it easy and effective to acquire and nurture high-quality leads and build your sales pipeline.


In the construction industry, it is essential to be better connected and better informed. Start growing your business with the right leads at the right time. 


Are you a general contractor or a construction company interested in new residential or commercial construction projects? We identify, assess, and track a comprehensive range of construction projects at all stages across the world.


Book a demo to learn how to elevate your construction business to the next level.


What is the difference between B2B and B2C lead generation?

While B2B (Business-to-Business) lead generation relates to business enterprises, B2C (Business-to-Consumer) lead generation relates to individual consumers.


Usually, a B2B sales cycle is longer than a B2C sales cycle, with content assets ranging from case studies to white papers to nudge B2B customers along the sales funnel.


Other major differences include a broad B2C audience vs. a narrower B2B market and individual B2C purchase decisions that are contrary to the typical tiered B2B decision-making.


What is the difference between an MQL and an SQL?

An MQL (Marketing-qualified Lead) is primarily a sales-ready contact who hasn’t yet entered a sales funnel.


Marketing-qualified leads are identified by a marketing department and are qualified by activities, behaviors, and specific demographics. MQLs are seen during the lead generation and early lead nurturing stages.


On the contrary, a SQL (Sales-qualified Lead) is a contact qualified as a potential customer by the sales team. SQLs are seen further down the sales funnel after progressing past the engagement stage.


While an MQL may provide a phone number or complete a decision stage form on the website, a SQL may have completed a decision stage demo on the website. A SQL displays an intent to buy and is ready for direct sales follow-up.


What is inbound lead generation?

In inbound lead generation, prospects initiate contact directly or through referrals. For example, an inbound lead may download a guide or request a demo after watching a webinar.


Inbound lead generation is used to engage with ideal customers with targeted content that generates interest in a product or a service. Compared to traditional outbound marketing, inbound marketing is cheaper for companies of all sizes.


What is outbound lead generation?

In outbound lead generation, a marketer initiates proactive, direct contact to develop outbound leads. Outbound leads require more specific targeting than inbound leads.


Outbound lead generation’s integrated sales and marketing approach generates qualified leads rapidly.


Well-known examples of outbound lead generation include direct emails and phone calls. Outbound marketing is known as “interruption marketing,” and inbound marketing is known as “permission marketing.”  


What is a lead generation form?

A lead generation form captures key lead contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers. A lead generation form can be customized and embedded into a website.


Examples of lead generation forms include contact forms, registration forms, and signup forms for magazines, newsletters, etc.


What is lead scoring?

Lead scoring refers to determining the worthiness of leads or ranking the sales readiness of a lead using predetermined criteria or data points. Lead scoring improves the ROI (Return On Investment) and increases sales productivity.


A lead scoring model is a scoring strategy that evaluates leads based on certain assigned values. For example, if a lead opens an email, it may result in a score of 3 points.


What is lead generation software?

Lead generation software is a tool that automatically generates and collects leads from diverse channels and routes the collected leads to marketing or sales teams for conversion.


Lead generation software for the construction industry includes Freshsales, Salesforce, Landbot, Jotform, LeadSquared - CRM, HubSpot, and LeadBoxer.


What are the B2B lead generation strategies?

A B2B lead generation strategy can take various forms, such as:


Push notifications: Push notifications on a mobile device or a website allow you to connect with your prospects anytime and notify them of company or industry news, product sales, or new blog posts to build engagement and, ultimately, encourage conversions. 


Lead capture forms: Popup lead capture forms are great for collecting email addresses and names from website visitors.


Landing pages with signup forms: Landing pages with signup forms help convert visitors into leads. Multiple landing pages for different campaigns and customer profiles are a great way to develop targeted content for a specific audience.


Is a lead generation website reliable?

Whether you are an individual contractor or have a sales team, a lead generation website simplifies the lead gen process and takes the guesswork out of sourcing leads, with reliable lead generation.


A good lead generation website is easy to navigate with valid contact information, builds trust, and boosts conversion opportunities.


Is a marketing agency a lead source?

A marketing agency can be a good lead source with lead generation and lead nurturing capabilities. For example, a B2B marketing agency typically helps its clients connect, network with buyers and decision-makers, and maintain a constant flow of B2B leads.


Some lead generation agencies specialize in building qualified lead acquisition programs through ABM (Account-based Marketing) and inbound marketing.


Does a lead generation website offer a free demo?

Several lead generation websites offer an option to sign up for a free trial or a free demo so you can understand their products/solutions well and use them to your advantage. Booking a free demo also helps you in making an informed purchase decision.


For example, you can claim 10 free project leads here to track upcoming project opportunities. Later, you can evaluate your unique needs and choose a subscription model that works for you. 


How much does lead generation software cost?

The cost of lead generation software depends on different factors, such as the number of leads required on a monthly basis, the number of users, and preferred features like case management, contact management, CRM integration, developer API (Application Programming Interface), and email marketing/SMS marketing.


Generally, you can opt for a free trial to see how the lead generation software works for your construction business. Monthly, yearly, and one-time payment methods are usually available to purchase lead generation software for the construction industry.


How does email marketing work for a construction company?

Email marketing for construction companies is a cost-effective lead generation tactic to send personalized content based on your target customers’ interests and needs.


A marketing automation tool allows you to choose a construction email template or design a unique template, segment your construction email contacts, send a customized email message, and access built-in analytics like open rates, click-throughs, and bounce rates.


How does Google My Business for contractors work? 

The free Google Business Profile (formerly known as “Google My Business” (GMB)) listing puts your business in front of your potential customers. Contractors can easily set up and optimize the Google Business Profiles.


For example, an optimized Google Business Profile for a search like “home improvement contractor near me” will likely rank your business higher in local searches and get you more sales leads.


How can a small business find construction leads?

Unlike big construction companies, which can invest heavily in various contractor marketing activities, small businesses have limited financial and human resources to generate leads.


A small business can use digital marketing tools like Google Analytics and Google Ads to improve search engine rankings and visibility. Furthermore, PPC (pay-per-click) advertising and local SEO can drive quality traffic to the company website and boost lead generation.

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