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Pilot Energy Farms Out Leschenault Prospect Drilling

Last Updated on 08th January 2024

Advanced Energy Transition Pty Ltd. (AET) has purchased a 50% interest in Pilot Energy Ltd.'s two onshore South Perth basin permits in Western Australia to drill an exploratory well in the Leschenault area.


The wildcat in the vast gas potential that runs north-south via Pilot's EP 480 and EP 416 permits near the Kwinana industrial area and the Dampier-Bunbury gas pipeline will be entirely funded by AET.


Leschenault is mapped as a massive faulted anticlinal structure with a 240 sq km area of closure at the top of the Permian Sue Group sandstones on existing 2D seismic.



Only two wells were dug in the 1960s; therefore, the licenses have been lightly studied. The Western Australian government drilled four wells (Harvey 1-4) as part of a carbon sequestration study in 2012-2015 to investigate the basin's potential for the South West Hub Carbon Capture and Storage project.


The limited drilling established the presence of a Permian petroleum system, with the Sue Group sandstones of the Permian age and the Leseur sandstones of the Triassic age as the key targets. At a depth of 2,250-2,500 meters, reservoir targets can be found. Within the two permits, gas has been created from mature Permian coal measures, with the Leschenault potential positioned up-dip of these probable gas kitchens on the regional gravity high's flank.


According to independent estimates, the possibility contains a best estimate prospective resource of 725 bcf to 1.6 tcf of gas.


Leschenault-1 will also investigate the reservoirs' suitability for carbon sequestration. Within the following 12 months, the well is projected to spud.


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