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Lockyer Deep-1 gas discovery outperforms pre-drill predictions

Last Updated on 08th January 2024

Onshore in Western Australia's North Perth basin, the Energy Resources Ltd. and Norwest Energy NL joint venture has verified the high quality of its gas discovery in the Lockyer Deep-1 wildcat in permit EP 368.


The JV completed wireline logging operations, and petrophysical analysis of the data indicates a 34-meter gross pay interval between 3,888 and 3,922 meters at the top of the Kingia Sandstone reservoir, with gas interpreted down to low permeability. Net gas pay within this period is 20.2 m based on an 8% porosity limit.


The average porosity of the net pay zone is 16 percent, and the average permeability is 500 millidarcies. The maximum measure of porosity is 28%. The reservoir pressure is 6,514 psi at the height of the pay interval.


According to Norwest, a well-defined gas gradient was measured through the pay interval, which when combined with the regional water gradient indicates the presence of a gas column extending up to 800 meters from the nearby North Erregulla crestal location down to a free water line at about 4,500 meters.


Other possible pay zones have also been analyzed petrophysically. At the Lockyer Deep-1 location, the High Cliff Sandstone portion has been determined to have low porosity and permeability and is not likely to provide conventional gas pay.


The Dongara-Wagina section comprises a gross oil column of 66 meters, of which 30 meters have an average porosity of 9% and low permeability. More research is required.


In the Kingia Sandstone, Lockyer Deep-1 is nearing completion for production testing. This validates the fault-seal integrity of the structure's main bounding faults, regardless of orientation and despite a substantial gas column, according to the business.


A 3D seismic survey of the broader Lockyer Deep/North Erregulla Deep complex is also being planned by the JV. Energy Resources owns an 80 percent stake in the company and is the operator. The remaining 20% is held by Norwest.


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