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Iran Intends To Construct 13 Power Plants During The Next Three Years

Last Updated on 08th January 2024

According to Iran's deputy minister of energy, Saeed Zarandi, the country plans to sign a memorandum of understanding this week for the construction of 13 power facilities across the country.


In recent weeks, the country has seen several power outages, which the administration has blamed on high demand and a severe drought. President Rouhani stated that the government would work to settle the issues within two or three weeks.


Zarandi said yesterday that the ministry had been in talks with Tavanir, the country's electrical utility, about the scheme on behalf of Iranian enterprises. He went on to say that the factories would be financed by 12 investors from various industries and built in three years. In total, they will add 10.5GW to Iran's installed capacity, a 13 percent increase.


Plants will be built in the provinces of Isfahan, Hormozgan, Markazi, Yazd, Kerman, Fars, Semnan, and Khuzestan. The plants' goal is to reduce the burden on the national grid by providing electricity to high-demand industries like mining. The minister did not specify what type of power plants would be built or how much they would cost.


Natural gas currently generates 69 percent of Iran's electricity, followed by oil at 25% and hydropower at 6%. Solar and wind power are now insignificant, but the government hopes to create 7.5 GW from these sources by 2030.


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