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US Wind Power sees resilient Growth in 2019

11th April 2019

The US wind power industry has posted a growth rate of 8% last year, bringing the total installed capacity to 96.5 GW. This figure is double the total installed capacity the US had at the end of 2010. 
In 2018, wind contributed roughly 6.5% of all electricity utilized by US consumers. 
Texas has again led the charge forward in installed wind power capacity and wind jobs last year. The state currently boasts a quarter of total wind power capacity in the US. 
In 2018, a big chunk of the recent growth in wind power capacity has come from non-utility buyers including Fortune 500 brands, major cities, and universities who have entered into long-term contracts for a combined supply capacity of 4 GW. The above development is a continuation of the recent trend wherein many corporate buyers and others have shown interest in wind power partly because of its affordability and price stability. 
Texas also has led the charge acquiring in total 38 non-utility buyers for a total supply capacity of 4.9 GW. 
The US offshore wind power has also taken off last year going from a single 30 MW project in Rhode Island to six wind projects with a capacity of 2.1 GW to be operational by 2023. 
Overall, the strong growth signals observed in the US wind power market are likely to continue even in the face of regulatory changes implemented by the Trump administration.

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